Lights, action, and Jackman!

HOLLYWOOD descended on Picton on Friday as Menangle Street was transformed into a movie set for the filming of The Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman.

Hundreds of people lined the street in hope of seeing Jackman.

Two semi-trailer trucks loaded with tree logs flaked with fake snow became props in The Wolverine scene.

The snow-covered set, with snowmobiles and shovels, resembled a town in northern Canada's Yukon region.

American pick-up trucks, a Canadian police car and a campervan were to be seen on the set.

Jackman emerged shortly after 11am to the sound of Ted Nugent's epic Cat Scratch Fever.

The first scene filmed featured Jackman walking through the town's old hardware doors as a group of hunters loaded their pick-up truck with bags and rifles, drinking beer, revving each other up.

The scene was shot half a dozen times and the hype grew as people began climbing on roof tops to catch a glimpse of the popular Australian actor.

But it was 36 pupils from St Anthony's Primary School who got the first "exclusive" with Jackman.

The school's roll was cut up into 350 pieces and thrown into a hat before the winning kids were escorted onto the movie set to meet him.

A year 5 boy asked: "Hugh, why are you so hairy?"

He explained his role as the Wolverine and told the boy he was a hermit in the film and didn't want to be recognised.

Year 6 pupil Jade Hutchinson, an aspiring actress, stepped onto her first Hollywood set equipped with a pen and a piece of paper. She came away with Jackman's autograph and a thumb print to prove it.

Jackman told the children that when he was 10 he dreamt of being a chef on an aeroplane until he realised

planes weren't built with kitchens.

Jade told the Advertiser she gave the star's autograph to her brother for his birthday on Saturday.

But it was Sepesa Tarogi of Picton who had the best seat in the house. Mr Tarogi lives above the old bank and had a 360-degree view of the set on the corner of Argyle and Menangle streets.

"I've seen everything from this house," he said. "It's a beautiful place to shoot a movie."

Christine Frame of Wilton stood at the edge of the set in front of a paparazzi photographer perched on an A-frame ladder in an attempt to see Jackman.

"The last exciting thing that happened in Picton was the Sydney Olympic Games when the torch came through," she said.

Christine Brown of Picton said: "I just want to catch a glimpse of him, then go home. I want to make my daughter envious."

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