Absolutely no plans for paid parking at Narellan Town Centre

Narellan Town Centre. Picture: Simon Bennett
Narellan Town Centre. Picture: Simon Bennett

Narellan Town Centre management has assured shoppers there is no intention to make them pay for parking.

The Advertiser learned the centre has “absolutely no plans in the short-term, medium-term or long-term” to charge customers to park at the complex.

Narellan Town Centre’s biggest rival – Macarthur Square – introduced paid parking in all of its car parks on October 31, which sparked backlash from the community on social media.

Many shoppers said they would boycott the Campbelltown centre and instead take their business to Narellan.

However, Town Centre management declined to tell the Advertiser whether they expected a greater influx of Christmas shoppers than normal given the changed parking situation in Campbelltown.

“An overflow car park located at the rear of the north building is available for customer parking,” a spokeswoman said in response to the Christmas rush.

“Narellan Town Centre has no plans to introduce paid parking.”

Parking at Macarthur Square is now free for three hours and costs up to $40 for a full-day stay.

Staff pay a flat rate of $4 per day.

Both shopping centres have undergone significant refurbishments and extensions in the past year, including car parks.