Brethren Church plan strongly opposed

Camden Park residents opposing the Brethren's application to build a church in the Bridgewater estate.
Camden Park residents opposing the Brethren's application to build a church in the Bridgewater estate.

Wollondilly Council took the unusual decision to move its community forum to the Wollondilly Shire Hall on Monday night given the widespread interest in two of the agenda items. About 200 people descended on the hall to have their say on a proposed Brethren Church planned for Camden Park and a dog kennel proposed for Oakdale.  Michael Cox reports.

 Residents call for Brethren Christian Church plan refusal

This was not an objection to religion, Camden Park’s Darryl Tuck said. ‘‘We would reject it if it was a childcare centre or a retail shop,’’ he told Wollondilly Council’s community forum on Monday night. The local assembly of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church submitted a development application last year to build a meeting room on Jackey Drive, Camden Park, for up to 200 members. Mr Tuck said Camden Park residents were concerned about the  increased traffic a church would create, off-street parking and the visual amenity of the proposed development.  Church spokesman Michael Wilson addressed the meeting putting what he called ‘‘misunderstandings’’ to bed. He said the development application, which the council’s staff had recommended for approval, complied with the council’s guidelines. ‘‘[It is] designed to look like a single-storey house,’’ Mr Wilson said. ‘‘It’s hardly imposing.’’

 Proposed boarding kennel acoustic study ‘wrong’

A proposed dog boarding and breeding kennel for up to 101 dogs has raised the hackles of Oakdale residents. Wollondilly Council has recommended the kennel, planned for Jerusalem Road, be approved with 20 conditions.  David Eden of Oakdale told Monday’s community forum he was speaking on behalf of the neighbours opposed to the proposal. He said the acoustic consultant, who provided a report to the council for the application, got it wrong. ‘‘He didn’t do his sums properly,’’ Mr Eden said. ‘‘The kennels will produce unacceptable noise.  Once neighbours are annoyed, the council is going to have a battle on its hands.’’  The Advertiser was unable to contact the applicant, Michael Brown Planning strategies, before it went to press.  Councillors are expected to make a decision on the kennel at next week’s council meeting.

  Footpath almost set in concrete

George Bailey and the 848 people on his petition has won the support of Wollondilly Council to build a footpath on Margaret Street, Picton. He just needs the councillors to endorse his plan for it to be set in concrete. He told Monday’s community forum he decided to lobby the council when he saw a woman with a stroller almost hit by a car. Wollondilly Council Infrastructure and planning manager Dick Webb said the $18,000 project, which would link Argyle Street to Picton Mall along Margaret Street, would be completed next financial year if the councillors signed it off. ‘‘It’s pretty obvious that it should be done,’’ Mr Webb said. The council’s footpath budget each year is about $50,000.