RSPCA drops charges of cruelty to horses 

THE RSPCA NSW has dropped animal cruelty charges against Wilton resident Kim Hollingsworth.

On Friday, during proceedings at Downing Centre Local Court, the RSPCA withdrew nine charges of failing to provide proper care to six horses. A statement from RSPCA NSW says it "stands by its decisions in relation to the seizure of and care for the animals".

Ms Hollingsworth, who represented herself in court, said she was "thrilled" that the charges had been dropped and that her horses would be returned. She said testimony from a veterinarian at the University of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital had played a key role in having the charges dropped.

"The evidence showed I had taken all the steps that any horse owner would take [in caring for the horses]," Ms Hollingsworth said.

"It was a veterinary issue."

She said tests done after the horses had been seized had shown their lack of condition related to a medical problem rather than to neglect.

She was convicted on June 29 of neglecting 11 horses after a guilty plea.

Ms Hollingworth says she intends to put in a notice of motion to the court to change her plea and to appeal against the conviction.

She says she intends to use recently discovered medical evidence in relation to the condition of the seized horses to prove her innocence.

A statement from RSPCA NSW says the case is due to be heard in January.

The statement says:

"RSPCA NSW's investigation and monitoring of the horses in the care of Ms Hollingsworth continues, including six horses recently seized from Ms Hollingsworth and now in RSPCA care."