Daniel Geale: World-title fight 'not too far away'

Picture: Jonathan Ng
Picture: Jonathan Ng

DANIEL Geale has never been one to concede defeat.

But he knows at the age of 33, it's only matter of a few years before time gets the better of him.

"I said early in my career that mid-30s is a pretty good place to call it quits.

"If I'm still dominant I'd love to finish up on my terms on top.

"I don't expect it to be [an easy decision] at all, it's something I've done all my life so it's going to be really tough."

The Harrington Park resident (pictured) said it would be health, not the size of his back account, that determined when he hung up the gloves.

"When I do decide that, that's it then that will definitely be it," he said.

"I definitely won't be tempted back to have another fight like some guys do.

"When I decide that's it, I'll finish up, walk away and be happy with what I've achieved.

"Hopefully, keep my brains and not look too bad for it."

He has proven on several occasions in the past few years that he can still not only go toe-to-toe with the best in the world in his weight division, but he can also be better than them.

For almost two years, on four occasions, he fought off challengers vying for his coveted IBF World Middleweight Title.

That was until last August when — in his first professional fight in America — he suffered his second professional career loss in 31 fights, to Englishman Darren Barker.

While the split decision hurt, seeing Barker defeated in his following fight against Felix Sturm — an opponent Geale got the better of two fights earlier — was just frustrating.

The loss meant a mandatory rematch Geale was entitled to against Barker to win back that world title, was no longer on the cards.

And a shot against the new IBF World Middleweight champion, was no guarantee.

However, Geale revealed to the Advertiser he was positive another world title fight wasn't too far away.

"It's a good time for an interview; I just had a meeting with my manager and big things are happening," he said.

"It's still a little bit too early and we are not 100 per cent sure . . . but by the end of the year I'll definitely be getting a world title shot."

With that fight likely to be held in current title holder Sturm's native country, Germany, Geale said it gave him a chance to make it three fights from three in the central European nation.

"When I fought in Germany with pretty much 20 people on my side and 5000 on the other side, it didn't bother me," he said. "I don't let any place intimidate me wherever I fight."