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Hats off to generosity of Hunts Coaches

The generosity of people never ceases to amaze me.

Recently, I co-ordinated the opportunity for 50 primary and high school students from 16 Campbelltown schools and eight Wollondilly schools to attend Stewart House at Curl Curl.

Transport costs for these children were prohibitive.

On hearing about this dilemma, Hunts Coaches owners, Roz and Ian Hunt, offered to provide for free one of their company's seat-belted coaches, and a driver, to pick up all the children from Bowral and Campbelltown schools and also to return them after their 12-day stay at Stewart House.

On behalf of all the students, parents and schools involved, I would like to thank Hunts Coaches for their sincere generosity.

Michael Buckley,

Cobbitty Public School principal

A cruel industry

I'm writing because I recently became aware of a very big problem which is taking place in not just our community but our Australian community as a whole.

This issue is the dairy industry.

The dairy industry continually creates an image depicting happy cows and green fields. This convincing image covers up the violence and cruelty inflicted on cows in the dairy industry which is not debated due to the public being unaware.

When I alerted my friends and family about this they were horrified to learn that dairy cows are kept pregnant to maximise their production of milk (which was intended for their calves).

Once born to a terrible fate, "bobby calves" are separated from under a week old.

If this isn't bad enough the calves are legally deprived of liquid food for the last 30 hours of their short and miserable lives.

Each year over 700,000 bobby calves are slaughtered. It is appalling that consumers aren't aware of what really goes on in the dairy industry.

Charlotte Gray, Razorback

Quiet puppies please

In reference to the barking dogs of Bridgewater.

It would seem that not all the dogs have read the article about barking at unsociable hours. It could be they have not yet adjusted to the hour going back, but it would be greatly appreciated if they would try to keep quiet.

Patricia Stephens, Bridgewater