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Put your money where your mouth is 

In response to Charlotte Gray's comments ("A cruel industry", Wollondilly Advertiser, April 16) that the entire Australian dairy industry is a cruel, uncaring enterprise when it comes to their animals.

It is an irrational and uninformed generalisation.

How many dairy farms have you visited Ms Gray?

Surely none of the organically certified ones, who value their livestock's health and provide them with conditions which promote and satisfy their behavioural and physiological needs.

This industry also promotes wise use of land, water and vegetation and fosters local and regional production and distribution.

May I suggest you focus on other, more worthy campaigns against animal mistreatment such as the egg industry.

If you really want to help, start by refusing to buy conventionally produced animal products and support the Australian Organic Industry.

Make your purchases speak for you and all animals.

Margarita Carrick, Pine End Organic Farm

Exceptional service

I would like to express our greatest appreciation to the Macarthur Ford Service Department in Campbelltown for their help over the last three months.

Special thanks on their exceptional service go to the service manager Darren Berrell, who went far above and beyond the call of duty.

Thanks to his staff Jason, Andrew and all the technicians in the workshop who spent so much of their time trying to pinpoint the problem that only happened intermittently.

This made it extremely difficult to solve.

And finally to their computer specialist who had to reset the car's computer.

We also show our gratitude that a courtesy vehicle was made available for our use throughout the whole ordeal.

This along with their exceptional service, our greatest thanks.

Thank you, Macarthur Ford Service Department, Campbelltown.

Larna Hardman, Thirlmere

Dogs maybe guarding

Has Patricia Stephens ever checked to see why the dogs are barking? ("Quiet puppies please", Wollondilly Advertiser, April 16).

They could be stopping the unsociable people that are out doing unlawful things to your neighbours and you at that unsociable hour.

The awareness of a dog is 10 times better than any security alarm and will give its life to protect you.

Rosalyn Faddy, Greendale

Shame in untidy town

Where is the pride in our town?

Rubbish was not collected over the Easter break in Picton and the town was left looking very untidy.

Not only does this set a bad example for the tourists who we want to visit our area but I was personally embarrassed when a business colleague visited me and I showed him around our wonderful town.

The people of Picton elect councillors for the various wards who are expected to let the council know how basic services are to be delivered.

Unfortunately when our elected councillors choose to live outside their ward then we lose an important voice for the people of the ward.

Maybe it should be compulsory for councillors to live in the ward to which they are elected.

Council's administrative staff have also failed in their responsibility by not ensuring that cleaning services were rostered over the Easter period.

Robert Khan, Razorback