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'Poor mistreated animals' in food industry 

In reply to Charlotte Gray's letter (A cruel industry, Wollondilly Advertiser, April 16).

I wholeheartedly support all she has said.

The reason that the public don't know of the cruelty to dairy bobby calves is that the dairy industry keeps it hidden (of course).

I have been a member of animal welfare groups for more than 30 years and it is very disturbing to know what is allowed by law; and the law of allowing bobby calves (aged approximately one week) to not be given any liquid food 30 hours before slaughter is one aspect of cruelty to farm animals that Animals Australia is trying to have changed.

This will only happen if enough of the public complain about it to the federal government (the Department of Primary Industries).

I have read information from Animals Australia that the calves are also mistreated — roughly handled, kicked and hit at the abattoirs because they are so young and so disoriented they won't go in a straight line.

I can't think of anything sadder than this.

I am so pleased you have spoken out and I hope hundreds of others will do the same for the poor mistreated animals in the food industry.

It is documented that 700,000 bobby calves are sent to the abattoirs each year — leftover "waste" from the dairy industry.

The Animals Asia website can be viewed on

Shiree Fardoulys, Mount Annan

Pensioners punished

PM Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are causing stress to aged pensioners with the threat of interfering with their pension money and talking of raising the pension age to 70.

The aged pensioners have worked and paid taxes all their working lives only to be punished for the state the economy is in.

Governments, both Liberal and Labor, are the cause.

We already have tightened our belts yet members of the government are still given pay rises.

When questioned, their excuse is: "the tribunal makes the rules".

So if the tribunal is the boss why do we even need a PM? Let the tribunal (whoever they are) run the country.

It may be cheaper than the enormous pay packet Tony Abbott and other members of the government receive.

Spencer and Gloria Watling,

The Oaks