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Tough budget's needed to fix the economy

As I sat in the House of Representatives listening to Bill Shorten's budget reply, I was staggered by the depth of denial.

Labor still refuses to face facts.

The tired rhetoric on more handouts, more duplication, more waste, is dangerous stuff for Australia.

We are paying a billion dollars every month in interest on our debt.

How could we use an extra billion dollars in Hume?

Fix some roads, build teaching hospitals, open a university campus — all of the above.

The federal government's first budget is tough, yes.

But it's what we need to get our economy back on track.

I accept that some may be concerned about aspects of the budget and I am strongly encouraging people to pick up the phone, send me an email, or drop into my electorate offices, so that I can help ease any concerns.

More than ever, Australia needs strong leadership and strong economic management.

This budget also signals big new investment in infrastructure.

There are positive opportunities for our communities from investments in medical research, higher education and in setting up more competitive industries.

Angus Taylor, Hume MP

Committee's decision

I am writing in response to the letter from Jeff Gray, May 14 ("Diggers denied chance to march behind banner with pride", Wollondilly Advertiser).

Your comments that Ray Law was "pigheaded" and acting from "self interest and brinkmanship" were disrespectful and simply an echo of your own attitude.

The Picton Anzac Day Committee operates on a basis of democracy.

Ray Law, although our chairman, does not have and has never attempted to exert any dictatorial power over us.

The decision you refer to was made by a unanimous vote of this committee.

Your assertion that this committee is Ray Law's Anzac Committee is disrespectful and insulting to every member of the committee.

The decision itself was reached after the local RSL sub-branch informed the committee they would be marching as a separate entity under their own banner.

This was a breach of the committee's protocol.

The committee as in previous years extended an invitation to the RSL to participate in the march and we in turn attended their service.

You owe Ray Law and the committee members an apology.

Bernie Lee, Anzac Day Committee