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Here are the facts Angus

Dear Angus (Hume MP Angus Taylor), in response to your "Tough budget's needed to fix the economy" (Wollondilly Advertiser, May 21).

Since Mr C Palmer has already astutely deconstructed the debt facade, I shall forgo commenting on that topic and opt instead to apply a bit of logic (risky, I know) to "facts" as per the proposed budget.

So, if I understand the "budget logic", it appears that:

■ the unemployed will be motivated to work-by not paying them; new parents will be motivated to work-by paying them;

■ university fees will increase making higher education more expensive hence less accessible but money will be pumped into healthcare research which requires people with a higher education;

■ benefits of said medical research will be less accessible due to $7 GP fee-but people will have to be/stay healthy enough (despite $7 fee) to now work longer, until age 70.

Australia's strength is its people and peoples' strength is contingent on their overall well being.

I fail to comprehend, how this budget supports or acknowledges such.

Bryan Fowler, Oakdale

It's a real bumpy ride 

I wonder if everyone else is as sick as I am of the terrible bumps and potholes on Burragorang Road.

Especially between The Oaks and Oakdale.

Do you think Wollondilly Council will pay to have my tyres and suspension redone on my car?

Tania Firth, Oakdale

Car stolen from Dad, 91

On May 22 my 91-year-old father had his car stolen from his driveway on Downes Crescent, Currans Hill.

He parked in his driveway and went inside to tell my mother he was home then went into the garage to put the door up to put away the car.

When he opened the door the car was gone.

In the car he had his walking stick and his disabled parking sticker. My father fought in World War II to make this a better country.

I hope the low-life who took his car is proud of what they did.

The car was a silver Holden Astra with registration number YFA658.

Anyone who has seen this car should call Camden police, 4632 4499.

Marilyn Cox, Currans Hill

Another side to the story

I refer to the letter "Diggers denied chance to march behind banner with pride" (Wollondilly Advertiser, May 14).

Like many others in the community who are aware of the facts of the situation I am seriously offended by Jeff Gray's fabricated concoction that Ray Law had "denied" returned servicemen the right to march "behind their banner" on Anzac Day.

In the interests of truth it should be reported that the Wollondilly Returned Services League wrote to the Picton Anzac Day Committee with a request to march under the Wollondilly RSL banner for the purposes of recruiting membership.

The committee decided some years ago against allowing individual banners for advertising purposes and to march on Anzac Day in a united spirit to commemorate those who served in wars and those who did not return.

Following the refusal by the committee to the RSL's request, Mr Law personally explained the committee's position to Mr Gray.

Mr Gray then lodged a complaint to the council through his close associate Lou Amato, only to be advised in writing that the council had no involvement with the committee.

Unwilling to accept the umpire's decision on the matter, Mr Gray lodged complaints elsewhere and used the Advertiser to vent unjustified criticism of Mr Law in a way that was intended to cause acrimony.

I have full admiration for service personnel past and present and I take my hat off to the good work the Wollondilly RSL Club does for its members and the community but I heartily rebuke Mr Gray for his unworthy denunciation of Mr Law based on mistruth.

Mr Gray should apologise to Mr Law without reservation.

Lynette Styles, Wollondilly Residents and Ratepayers Association secretary

Get off the back of Anzac Day Committee

I was recently disgusted to read comments made by Jeff Gray regarding "Ray Law's Anzac Day Committee" ("Diggers denied chance to march behind banner with pride", Wollondilly Advertiser, May 14).

I ask the question if Ray Law was not a councillor would you have written this letter? I think not.

As a person that used to spend endless hours doing voluntary work I was repulsed.

You have no doubt insulted the committee and of course Ray Law, which I expect was your intention.

I'm certain that you have done this for political reasons.

As co-organiser of a successful event that took place in Tahmoor, I and the other organiser resigned because of individuals like Mr Gray.

Why is it that when an event is successful people feel the need to interfere?

If it's control you want then look back at what happened to the CareFlight event when your counterparts attempted to take over and note the event is no more.

To make out that Ray Law is a monster is just so very far from the truth and anyone that knows him will back that up.

If any of these volunteers resign it's on your head, Mr Gray.

Get off the back of this fabulous Anzac Day Committee and learn the meaning of respect.

Di Lange, Thirlmere

Consider march facts

I am compelled to reply to the caustic letter from Jeff Gray.

Not that I am concerned about his comments about me personally.

However his virulent attack on the Picton Anzac Day committee is one which I will not allow to remain unanswered. 

To describe this committee as “Ray Law’s Anzac Committee” is insulting and demeaning to say the least. 

Perhaps the associations that Mr Gray belongs to do not operate on a democratic basis and are subject to dictatorship. 

This is not the case with the Picton Anzac Day Committee. 

Each member has one vote and that vote is equal. 

Each member has the right to put a motion and if that motion is seconded it is then discussed and voted on. 

If the vote is in the affirmative by a simple majority then the motion is carried and it becomes the decision of the whole committee. 

To insinuate that the members of this committee, who have the purest scruples, honesty and dedication to the cause of promoting the true value and causes and tradition of the Anzac spirit, are incapable of making the own decisions and are only capable of blindly following me or anyone else is scurrilous in the extreme.

Because Mr Gray, who is not a member of the local RSL and from what I can gather was not even present at Picton on Anzac Day, has shown such ignorance I will try to enlighten him with the facts.

1. The Picton Anzac Day Committee was formed by the late Norm Barnes, a Korean War veteran with over 40 years service to the Australian Armed Forces. It was formed because the RSL had decided not to hold a service in Picton on Anzac Day, leaving the local community with no venue for a suitable remembrance service on the day.

2. His assertion that the committee was represented by eight of nine marchers is totally incorrect. The committee was not represented by any  marchers. While some committee members did march with the services contingent, they did so as private citizens reflecting their own service or that of an ancestor. This committee is not about drawing attention to itself but the true meaning of Anzac Day. For this reason the committee does not even have a banner to display.

3.       The tradition of carrying banners during Anzac marches is one of units which have served this country in times of conflict assembling marching and being identified as that particular unit (battalion , regiment etc). No services association, and there are several, not just the RSL, can claim this honour, so it was deemed by the committee to be inappropriate. We stand by that decision.

4.       When I informed the Local RSL president of the committee’s decision he expressed disappointment but eventually agreed to respect the committee’s decision. I was therefore surprised to find on the following Monday that a complaint about the committee and myself in particular had been lodged with Wollondilly Council. The correspondence also sought an overturning of the committee’s decision. The council position, which was explained to the RSL the next day, was that it was outside of council’s responsibility as the committee was a separate identity with no links to council. 5.       On the evening before Anzac Day I received a phone call from Mr Don Rowe, the state president of the RSL. He had been contacted by a member of the local sub branch seeking his intervention in the matter. After a cordial discussion with Mr Rowe where he was given all the facts he concurred with the actions of the committee and endorsed our decision to the local RSL.6.       The reasons stated, both verbally and in writing for wishing to march under their own banner, being that they wished to gain exposure and gain more members was deemed by the committee to be not in the true meaning of Anzac Day.So, Mr Gray, you now have the facts. Let’s see if you have the integrity and fortitude to apologise to the Picton Anzac Day Committee.

If you don’t know the meaning of those two words I’ll be happy to lend you  dictionary.

Ray Law, Bargo

Complaint rubbished

Ex-councillor Robert Khan is presently complaining of the rubbish in and around Picton ("Shame in untidy town", Wollondilly Advertiser, April 30).

Am I missing something here?

When Mr Khan held the position of councillor in Wollondilly, Picton was in more of a mess than it is today.

Of course, that was not entirely the fault of Mr Khan, but he made no visible effort at the time to have the rubbish littering the streets effectively removed.

Could this be a case of sour grapes due to Mr Khan losing his seat on the council?

C'mon Robert, be a good sport and admit defeat — enough of this sort of rubbish.

Naomi Williams, Thirlmere