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Where railway links in region could be built

I was interested to read that Campbelltown MPs are calling for a rail corridor to be set aside for a future link between Badgerys Creek and Narellan and Campbelltown.

I congratulate the forward thinking that sets the framework for a debate about future transport needs in our region.

I would like to contribute to the debate by suggesting that electrification of the main southern line be extended to Picton.

A new rail line could extended from the Badgerys Creek airport to Leppington onto Narellan and Menangle.

The government then completes the Maldon-Dombarton rail line for both freight and passenger services, thereby giving direct access to the Badgerys Creek airport to people in the south while improving rail services to Wollongong and Picton.

The work could be completed in stages over a number of years and funds allocated in each budget.

Robert Khan, Razorback

Federal debt

There are many people knocking the budget, unwilling to consider even trying to repair the damage left by the exiting Labor government.

We are presently paying $1 billion every month just on the interest alone from money borrowed. The debt is still growing because of financial commitments put in place by Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard just to frustrate the incoming government.

How many roads and hospitals could that sort of money build?

I have lived in a country where they had no dole, no free or subsidised health and no free or subsidised education.

I for one do not want to see such a situation here in Australia.

And this scenario could actually happen here if the growing debt is left unchecked.

Let the present government do their best to pay the debt.

There are many knockers who haven't got a clue about the financial abyss right in front of us.

They listen to people like Clive Palmer and Bill Shorten.

Tony Abbott is risking his political career for the good of the economy.

Clive Palmer and Bill Shorten are willing to risk the economy to further their careers.

I wonder how the knockers manage their own finances, as they don't seem to have a clue as to how to live within one's means.

Allan Dadd, Picton

Parks service

In a bold and shortsighted move, senior bureaucrats from the Office of Environment and Heritage (National Parks and Wildlife Service) are planning to close down their public office, removing their regulatory and information services from Wollondilly.

The Picton NPWS office is responsible for managing popular tourism destinations including the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Areas of the Nattai and Thirlmere Lakes National Park, as well as popular visitor areas such as Burragorang Lookout and Bargo River.

I'm told that in total the Picton office looks after more than 100,000 hectares of national park public land including management of a large component of the Warragamba catchment.

Bringing visitors to these iconic parks supports and builds local businesses and economy and the closure of these local state services will undoubtedly have a negative impact.

Residents and communities bordering national parks are also concerned the lack of local regulatory presence will also create increases in illegal dumping, arson, open slather access and other unauthorised uses of the parks.

Ian and Elizabeth Saunders, The Oaks