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Parks service staff play vital roles in our shire 

In response to "Move generates Funds" (Wollondilly Advertiser, June 25).

I do not believe the Picton National Parks and Wildlife Services office should be shifted from the shire.

I'm amazed that for as little as $30,000 a year for three years, our shire leaders are prepared to lose such an important service and to allow our internationally recognised parks go to rack and ruin.

Neighbouring farmers, fruit growers, conservation groups, state authorities and emergency services, senior citizens, school students, wildlife rescue groups, heritage and cultural groups, walkers, visitors, and researchers have been using these national parks for years.

Are these community members now simply required to travel to Mount Annan to obtain these same services? More importantly what about bushfires?

National parks play an active role in bushfire fighting across the shire and work close with other emergency services.

Is the mayor and the local MP now supporting removing national parks fire fighters along with fire fighting vehicles from our shire knowing we could be facing a devastating bushfire season?

This will undoubtedly raise the level of risk to residents and communities surrounded by these bushfire areas.

I would ask that both the mayor and the local MP both review their support of removing our national parks services.

I would like to see a public meeting on this matter organised allowing concerned shire residents to have their say.

Alison Burton, Lakesland

Council accountability

In response to the story "Unruly time in council recalled" (Wollondilly Advertiser, June 4) and in regards to previous letters by Ms Styles.

I agree council needs to be have an eye kept on it.

However, not to the extent that Ms Styles would have it.

It is obvious the wider community does not follow her opinion, because otherwise no doubt she would have been voted in.

Similarly, her glorious party leader Pauline Hanson keeps trying to get elected but with no success.

So maybe a reality check is in order and a suggestion.

Stop wasting council and the public's time by moaning about this and that and maybe try doing something positive for the community by helping raise funds for things rather than just complaining about them.

Sean Rean, Wilton