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Family thanks the community for its kindness

Unfortunately at the end of May, three days before my son's seventh birthday, my husband Stephen Weller suffered a heart attack and passed away, leaving myself and two young children in utter disbelief and despair.

This letter is to thank the amazing people within the community and beyond who have embraced our family and helped us in any way they could.

I believe it is important to recognise their efforts and to let them know that their help us made it possible to start moving forward.

Thank you Sarah Fioni of Sarah's Cakes for providing Christopher's birthday cake at no cost; Nicole from Argyle Hair for providing services and products at no cost; Lynette Buick and her team of chefs for providing us with meals, which has allowed time to adjust to our new routines without worrying about what to cook for dinner; Big W Narellan for providing a freezer at no cost to put all the meals in; John and Yola at The Marina for their ongoing support, car services and products for the house and the children; Wollondilly Anglican College staff and parents who have provided our family with uniforms, movie tickets, donations for school fees, care packages, gift cards and overall a caring and spiritual environment that will continue to support Christopher during his grief; Fidgety Frogs Daycare, who have supported Lylah-Rose through this phase — and I know they will continue to ensure her needs are met; Andrea Kemp of

William R. Groves for her compassion and assistance in ensuring Stephen's service was an honour to him; the team at Coles Picton for their generous donation and ongoing love and support; and last but not least Woolworths, who provided food and drinks for over 200 people on the day of Stephen's service, have provided ongoing love and support, gift cards, hampers, and through their hard efforts in fund-raising we are able to start our new journey debt free.

To the community: Thank you for all the raffle tickets and lamingtons that you purchased. Money will never replace the loss of my husband but it is truly appreciated. Thank you to family, friends and community establishments that sent beautiful flowers.

I would like especially to thank Michelle Clarke, John Guido, Alison Fagan, Kirsty Barcicki, Angela Sarkis, Kristin Graham and all of mine and Stephen's friends, family and work colleagues who continue to love and support our family.

Rebecca Weller, Tahmoor

Dreadful plight of the homeless

IN response to Liberal Wollondilly MP Jai Rowell in the Wollondilly Advertiser on July 30, "Homeless get aid".

In the article he welcomes the announcement of new services aimed at reducing the homelessness.

Well, Mr Rowell, this is not the answer.

Between the state government and Wollondilly Council they should immediately approve affordable housing.

The cabin buildings in caravan parks would be "welcomed" creating homes that would satisfy this dreadful plight many find themselves in.

This shire is urgently in need of growth.

This type of housing would be ready almost instantly for people to occupy, as long as the council played their part in approvals . . . without the "delays".

Mr Rowell, homelessness means without a home. Think about it.

Spencer and Gloria Watling, The Oaks

Wildlife service staff won't be cut

I'd like to clarify a number of issues raised in the letter "Park service staff play vital roles in our shire" (Wollondilly Advertiser, July 23).

The current Picton office is for sale and the National Parks and Wildlife Service lease expires early next year and consequently, we have to move before then.

The closure of the Picton office and relocation of four staff to the Australian Botanic Garden at Mount Annan will not entail staff cuts or any reduction in the way we look after parks across the area.

We are also moving office-based staff from Bents Basin State Conservation Area, and this will consolidate the NPWS Nattai Area staff into one central location and increase collaboration and cohesion.

The Nattai Area office will continue to provide information services for visitors and the changes will increase staff availability to respond to public inquiries.

More and more people are using the NPWS website to access information about our National Parks and the Wollondilly Council has agreed to sell Park Passes and make NPWS printed material available at its visitor centre.

The move will result in considerable cost savings, thereby providing more funds for looking after local national parks such as Nattai and Thirlmere Lakes — for example improving visitor facilities and for fire, pest and weed management programs.

NPWS Nattai Area staff will continue their involvement in managing the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and the Sydney drinking water catchment - and are just as close to these areas working from Mount Annan.

The move to the Australian Botanic Garden provides many benefits including improved access to conference and meeting facilities to help boost engagement with our stakeholders, and the synergy of interactions with NPWS staff and staff from the Australian Botanic Garden will increase the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Our firefighting arrangements in the area remain as strong as ever.

The Catchment Fire Fighting Team will remain at Nepean Dam Depot and our other front line Field Officer firefighters will remain at Oakdale and Bents Basin depots.

We have a close working relationship with the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and the Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA) and together with the SCA, NPWS employs two Catchment Remote Area Fire Teams (CRAFT) each consisting of five special fire fighters.

These fire fighters provide a continuous cover during the fire season and a helicopter is based at the Nepean Dam Depot.

The NPWS Nattai Area has an important role to play in caring for the National Parks in the region and the proposed changes will enable us to improve the way we work.

Tom Bagnat, National Parks and Wildlife Service

Roads still a 'mess'

We have just had the sides of our roads "cleared" by Wollondilly Council.

I can not believe how they have been left.

Our roads are left dirty. Our cars are covered in dirt after driving on these roads. Also I think the roads are very dangerous.

It has been a few weeks now since this "clearing" has been finished and even after the rain we have had our roads are still filthy.

I find it funny that if we were to make such a mess on our roads we would be fined from our council yet our council can make such a mess and not clean it.

Christine Chenery, Pheasants Nest

CSG answers needed

The coal seam gas companies are saying that if we accept it then we will have savings in energy prices.

It won't help when all the ground water and farmland are polluted by the chemicals that are used to get the coal seam gas out.

We need to have a strong independent environmental scientific study into the effects of coal seam gas.

Charles Dunn, Picton

Support our walk

Did you know one in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime?

Forest Lawn Memorial Park are organising a fund-raiser walk/run around our beautiful Memorial Park at Camden Valley Way, Leppington to raise funds and support Cancer Council NSW on their mission to defeat cancer.

You can help reduce this statistic by registering a team or as an individual participant with us, and raise funds for your loved one who lost their battle with cancer by participating in the run/walks.

Help us reach our goal on Saturday, August 23 at 10am.

Sue Kennedy, Leppington