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Changes aim for sustainable welfare system

Here are some numbers about growing older.

Around 4000 people in Australia today are aged over 100 years.

By 2040, it's estimated more than 40,000 will be aged over 100.

This is a great thing. It is nothing to be concerned about.

I am speaking to a number of seniors groups across the electorate about our ageing population.

As more of us live longer we need to make our universal healthcare system, our aged pension and aged care programs more sustainable.

Some have expressed concern about working through until age 70, but this is a long way off.

It will not come into effect until 2035 - which means it only impacts those my age or younger.

We recognise there will be some, particularly manual workers, who cannot physically do this and we will have support systems in place, particularly the disability support pension.

I, for one, am hoping to be working well past 70 — but I understand others may not be able to manage this.

In relation to a GP co-payment, there will be very important safety nets.

If you're a concession card holder you won't pay more than $70 for your total GP visits in a year.

GPs will retain the ability to choose to bulk bill and there will continue to be the Medicare safety net.

Care programs will also be exempt.

The elderly residents I am speaking to are receptive and positive about the need to make welfare, aged care and healthcare more sustainable, while supporting the most vulnerable in our community.

The changes the government is proposing are fair and they are gradual.

They are also necessary if we are to protect our support for older Australians, and avoid big tax increases in the near future.

I am happy to receive any and all inquiries to my offices in Goulburn and Cowra about these and other matters.

This is only the start of the discussion on how we make ends meet and repay our debt; it is not the end.

Hume MP Angus Taylor

Still sleep-deprived

Whilst some got the message, it's happening again — (dogs barking) at 5am or 6am or 7am.

With a woof and a yelp, is it a cry for help?

It does make one weep, we just need our sleep.

Patricia Stephens, Camden Park

Sort out noise first

In regards to this new small-house estate proposed for the site beside the existing parachute club at Wilton.

How long do you think it will be before some grumpy shift worker or parent starts to complain about aircraft noise and wants to close it down?

Or that the motorway is loud, so move that too.

Make them man up to accept what is or don't build on that site.

Allen Harris, Picton

Have you lost a bird?

We have had a sweet little cockatiel bird land in our backyard.

Its wings were clipped so I am guessing she/he hasn't come too far.

We have asked the neighbours around us but can't find his owner.

We have kept it safe and sound inside but would like to return it to where it belongs if anyone can help spread the word.

Rachel Seabrook, Camden South