Purge the floor germs a toxic-free way

Young Woman Cleaning Floor Thinkstock Features Floor cleaning

Young Woman Cleaning Floor Thinkstock Features Floor cleaning

FLOORS are one of the dirtiest areas imaginable.

Tri Nature marketing manager Leah Fernance said people generally didn't realise how much bacteria existed on a floor.

"Walking down the street, or picking up your kids from school, you can bet you have walked on a surface that has previously been occupied by hundreds of nasties," she said.

"When you walk into your house, you are transferring that bacteria onto your flooring, and if you have kids crawling around the floor, you can guess where that bacteria ends up."

Ms Fernance said most people understood the health benefits of using products free from harsh chemicals.

"You aren't inhaling toxic odours and your skin isn't coming into contact with nasty chemicals," Ms Fernance said.

"What many people don't realise, however, are the benefits of using

natural products for the surfaces in your home."

She said most surfaces were finished with a protective outing coating.

"Using bleach and other harsh products will eventually wear down that coating, leaving your surfaces looking dull, and also exposing them to absorb stains and signs of wear."

Tri Nature has been manufacturing natural cleaning products since 1989.

They provided floor-cleaning tips:

■ First, make sure the product is suitable for the floor surface. Using an unsuitable product could cause permanent damage.

■ Give the floor a thorough vacuum or sweep directly before mopping.

Mopping the floor will not "pick up" hair or dirt from the floor, it will only move it around.

■ Always use hot water when cleaning floors.

This will enable gums and residues to be lifted from the floor a lot easier, and provide a mild sanitation against floor germs we can't see.

■ And finally, be mindful of the type of cleaning products you are using. It is toxic residues that can be the most dangerous.

Details: trinature.com


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