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Volunteer firefighters thanked for their efforts

The NSW Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA), as the official representative organisation of the members of the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS), would like to commend the volunteers and staff of the service for providing assistance to communities in South Australia and Victoria during the recent bushfire emergencies.

Several hundred NSW Rural Fire Service volunteers and staff selflessly gave up their time to help fight the fires which destroyed around 30 homes, businesses, a large number of sheds and livestock.

Each and every community across the state should be proud of their local Rural Fire Brigades as they get on with the job of protecting the local community.

Next time you see one of the men and women who wear the NSW RFS uniform, please take a moment to think about what they do in serving our local community during a time of most need.

Tim Arnott, president, NSW Rural Fire Service Association

Airport not welcome

Since 2004 when John Howard categorically stated that there would be no airport at Badgerys Creek, the residential development in the area on which Badgerys Creek airport would impact has grown phenomenally.

From what were farms and market gardens the state governments growth plan has now changed the face of the area to tightly packed residences.

I wonder how many of these residents bought their homes expecting the negative impacts of a 24-hour airport on their doorsteps?

We have already seen condemnation from international sources regarding the impact on the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains.

Yet still there are the idiots who want to continue to despoil and degrade the natural heritage which makes Australia a unique tourist destination.

The other aspect of this proposed stupidity of building an airport at Badgerys Creek relates to Sydney's water supply.

Flight paths will cross the Warragamba dam catchment area as well as the dam itself.

Prospect reservoir will also be in the firing line.

How long before a plane dumps fuel into one of these bodies of water and suddenly Sydney's water supply is polluted and unusable?

Don't believe the spin. It isn't going to be a positive for the area.

We need to wake up to this and ensure we let both our state and federal representatives know what we think.

Sandra Stuart, Camden