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Let's help Red Cross continue its great work

As Australia prepares to commemorate the landing of the first Anzac troops in Gallipoli 100 years ago, we ask that you also remember the work of Red Cross by supporting Red Cross Calling during March.

Just like the thousands of Red Cross volunteers who worked so hard to support our Anzac troops in 1915, Red Cross volunteers still continue to care for those who need it most.

By making a donation or organising an event for Red Cross Calling during March, you can support the everyday work of Red Cross such as working in NSW bushfire relief and recovery centres, making daily phone calls to elderly Australians living alone, providing breakfast for children who might otherwise go to school hungry, and supporting young parents.

In years to come, many people will continue to turn to Red Cross for help in times of crisis and we're determined to be there when they do.

Red Cross Calling is the one time of the year when local Red Cross members, community groups, schools and individuals can all work together to raise money for Red Cross through local fund-raising events.

To make a donation, or to find out how you can get involved with Red Cross Calling go to our website at or phone 1800 008 831.

Jody Broun, NSW executive director,

Australian Red Cross

Red arrow needed

Just wanted to bring to attention the stupid traffic lights at the intersection of the Old Hume Highway and Burragorang Road (Coal Road).

Yes they were probably needed eventually but why is merging traffic allowed to just fly around the corner and think they have the god-given right to push into the traffic going straight through or those who want to turn left and go to Camden?

Recently I witnessed a small Yaris attempt to do the turn off the Old Hume Highway to Camden only to be blocked by a truck with the double trailer just come flying around and straight out leaving the Yaris nowhere to go but brake and allow the truck to just push in which in turn caused the traffic behind to brake.

There will be a fatality at that intersection one day if those turn arrows coming off the Coal Road aren't used.

I am saying that whilst the traffic has the green light to go straight though, the red arrow should be displayed for the traffic coming off the Coal Road and this would in my opinion make the flow of traffic at that bottleneck improve and make it a safer intersection.

Russell Downing, Camden South