Electrification of rail line makes good sense

Electrification of rail line makes good sense

The article in the Wollondilly Advertiser on March 11, "Traffic solutions top the list" about Menangle Park transport was very interesting to me.

For years I have annoyed politicians by saying that if the line was electrified to Menangle Park it would serve all the Southern Highlands, as the Hume Highway passes right by it and crosses Menangle Road at that point.

On/off ramps here would then provide easy access to the Airport Line and long-term parking could be provided.

Campbelltown Council has provided a map of the proposed rezoning of Menangle Park as a "mini-city" and so it will have to be electrified one day.

During World War I and World War II the third platform was used for loading troops, horses and camels and is still there and in good condition.

I do have a vested interest as I own a property near the station.

Andrew Duncan, Menangle Park

Tables snookered

Like thousands of other people, I love to play the game of snooker.

In 2010 the Campbelltown Catholic Club removed all six snooker tables and replaced them with seating for other patrons, which appears to be not used for over 95 per cent of opening hours.

The snooker club at the Catholic Club had a proud history spanning many decades and after removal of the tables, members were forced to play weekly competition at the Campbelltown RSL Club alongside the snooker players of the RSL.

The Campbelltown RSL Club has now advised that they will be removing one of the last two tables (there were six tables about 10 years ago) by the end of March 2015.

This means weekly competition snooker will no longer be able to be played at the club.

Now there will be no snooker facilities available for competition in the whole of the Macarthur area.

Snooker is very popular with around 30 players attending each Wednesday night. The RSL Snooker Club has operated for over 50 years.

Snooker is a great game which creates social interaction and lifelong friendships.

It's a shame that our clubs put massive poker machine profits ahead of the enjoyment of their own members.

Ray Jones, Camden South