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Development concentrated in wrong places

In response to the article "Moves to save area's rural character", Wollondilly Advertiser April 1.

Wollondilly councillors Kate Terry and Michael Banasik have expressed their public desire to preserve and promote agriculture in the shire.

Really, is that why councillor Kate Terry and seven of her fellow councillors voted to increase rates by 50.7 per cent over the next four years?

This will go a long way in making agriculture in the shire more unsustainable.

So much for promoting it.

On the fringe of the shire there is valuable infrastructure that should be utilised such as the F5 and the Southern railway line with stations at Menangle, Douglas Park and Picton Tahmoor Bargo.

This is where development should be concentrated so as to give people access to rail transport.

In 2014 Cr Kate Terry moved a motion in the council to defer a decision on a link road between Appin and the F5 claiming they wanted more time, the motion was carried.

Yes, more time to do nothing.

How long is the state government going to put up with the anti-development attitude of this council, considering we have an acute housing crisis in this state and in particular Wollondilly shire?

If councillors Kate Terry and Michael Banasik are really concerned about agriculture they should focus their attention on the encroachment by mining on prime agricultural land in the Hunter Valley and on the Liverpool Plains in the Gunnedah Basin, long regarded as the state's richest food bowl.

Ray Smith, Menangle

IlluminARTe 'fantastic'

In reference to IlluminARTe Wollondilly on April 11.

Great, fantastic.

It was such a delight, very organised.

Lots for everyone to do. A fantastic light show that showed off the lovely old buildings.

To all who were involved congratulations on a job well done.

Lynnette Anderson, Camden South

Extend light festival

I would like to congratulate Wollondilly Council for the IlluminARTe Festival.

This was a creative project to showcase all that is exciting in Picton and Wollondilly.

The idea of combining the illumination of the buildings together with workshops making lanterns which were then paraded after dark, was innovative and appreciated by young and old.

I hope that this festival will be repeated, perhaps with a different theme, and I also hope that it can continue to be held in this area between the NAB building and old Post Office up to the Colden Street intersection.

This enables the use of the grassed area behind the NAB building and adjacent lanes for music and dancing as well as stalls.

I would encourage council to consider creating a dedicated Heritage Precinct in this area for use by council and the community for similar themed events, such as heritage and arts festivals which will also enhance the local businesses.

Doreen Lyon, Thirlmere