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Proposed Appin development a concern

As a resident of Appin, it is very disturbing to hear what is being proposed for the Appin area.

After attending a number of locally arranged meetings, what is clear is that unsuitable development is being pushed onto our town.

Appin, the fifth oldest settlement in Australia, has also some of the oldest infrastructure in the country as well.

But more than that, it is a village that represents a major theme of the Wollondilly Shire, "Rural Living".

The Department of Planning have twice rejected the Appin site for development on the scale of what is being proposed, in fact, stating Appin as being unsuitable for this type of development, yet we have developers in concert with council trying to get the plans approved.

Why doesn't the media take this issue seriously?

Every day, information that council denies exists, is being released and found by those who are prepared to be persistent.

Cross contamination of names on documents is slowly exposing this.

For next Wednesday evening, council has arranged a facilitated meeting of residents and developers, but to invited residents only. Why?

Locals have a right to know, and at 6pm next week, council and developers could be surprised by who will attend.

I am sure there will be a good story to see for those who take the time.

If you believe in keeping those in power honest, this could be an opportunity.

Jim Hart, Appin

Rate rise opposed

Our association has taken up a petition in opposition to Wollondilly Shire Council's 10.8 per cent rate hike.

In one afternoon, we obtained 141 signatures from angry ratepayers who cannot see that the rise is justified.

Many ratepayers say they were not informed or had no knowledge of the increase until it was reported in your paper ("Council chooses the only road", Wollondilly Advertiser, May 27).

The Ratepayers' Association is aiming to raise 5000 signatures to present to IPART who approved council's request for the hike.

The rise is still to be resolved by the nine members of the elected council who support the increase: Col Mitchell, Benn Banasik, Michael Banasik, Lou Amato, Judy Hannan, Kate Terry, Ray Law, Simon Landow and Hilton Gibbs.

We ask all ratepayers to support the campaign and sign our petition at

Lynette Styles, secretary, Wollondilly Residents & Ratepayers Association Inc

Sack the council

Obviously, the Wollondilly Shire area is too big for the council to manage.

We have had numerous special rate rises for no result.

Solution: sack the council, split Wollondilly Shire up into smaller areas and put people in charge who actually know how to manage things properly.

W. Thomas, Oakdale

Thanks to truckie

We would like to say a very special thank you to a man named Lionel (a truckie) and some of the locals who helped us remove our caravan from the Victoria Bridge, Picton, on Saturday, May 23.

You certainly went far beyond yourselves and are a special bunch of locals who need to be recognised.

Many thanks.

Frank and Trish Gray, Engadine