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Terminally ill mum received wonderful care

I wish to publicly record the great appreciation of my extended family for the excellent service our much-loved mother, Mrs Beryl (Bev) Law of Tahmoor, received at Campbelltown Hospital in March this year.

She was then a very frail 90-year-old lady who had developed a terminal illness.

She was admitted through the A&E and stayed in the Neurology Unit under Dr Choong's team.

During the whole of her 10-day stay in the hospital, the level of consideration, respect, sensitivity and care she received was wonderful.

Owing to her terminal condition and frailty, we brought her back to her own home where she passed away on the evening of May 17, just three days short of her 91st birthday.

Mum is now at peace, where she wanted to be, but while she was still with us, she told all her visitors and neighbours of the wonderful treatment she received at the hospital.

We often read criticisms and letters of dissatisfaction, so we would like to record here our very positive experience and our thanks to Dr Choong and his medial team and the nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and technicians; and the palliative care team.

Gregory Law, Geeveston, Tasmania