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Appin residents deprived of night bus service

I am writing to you in regards to the Busabout Macarthur bus service, route 887, the Appin to Campbelltown — Campbelltown to Appin loop.

The residents of Appin are furious at the absence of nightrider buses from Campbelltown to Appin.

Buses run fairly frequently on this route during the weekdays, but there are currently zero running at night.

We need at least one nightrider bus departing from Campbelltown taking passengers to Appin after 8.30pm.

I have arrived at Campbelltown Station from work or uni after 6.23pm many times only to be disappointed in the lack of buses to Appin at this time.

It is a horrible feeling knowing that you are stranded somewhere a mere 17-minute drive away from home, all while you cringe at the thought of calling a taxi which will charge you a ridiculous $100 plus fare to Appin.

The last bus to Appin currently departs Campbelltown at 6.23pm; after this time you will be stranded in Campbelltown for 12 hours until the 6.14am service the next morning.

This is extremely inconvenient and annoying for every Appin resident, including the 1000 plus new Appin residents living in the recently-built Appin Valley Estate.

There are residents who work outside of Appin on Thursday nights for late-night shopping, finishing anytime between 9pm and 9.30pm; there are some who travel to and from the city every day arriving at Campbelltown station later than 6.23pm; others who would normally drive to Campbelltown Station but rely on public transport as their car is in for a service or off the road for a week; university students who have exams or weekly lectures scheduled at 5pm at Sydney University, UNSW, Western Sydney University or Charles Sturt will all arrive back to Campbelltown station much later than 6.23pm.

The population of Appin has grown by over 1500 residents in the past year alone and will continue to grow over the next few years; as the population grows so too will the demand for bus services to and from Appin and Campbelltown.

I hope that Busabout and Transport NSW hear this message and create a nightrider service running during the week.

Hannah Mills, Appin

Kindness made the day

I would like to extend a massive thank you to the gentleman who paid for my groceries at Woolworths today.

I couldn't find my keycard when I went to pay, so I told the lady at the register that I was going to double check to see if it was in the car.

It wasn't and the gentleman followed me back into the shop and paid for me.

Thank you again. You made my day.

Leeanne Gray, Buxton

Help make a difference

During Dementia Awareness Month this year, which runs throughout September, Alzheimer's Australia NSW is calling for the community to help create a dementia-friendly nation, where people living with dementia are respected, valued and supported to maintain a good quality of life.

It starts with each of us and by making small changes we can make a big difference.

In the Wollondilly electorate there are an estimated 1000 people living with dementia. That figure is projected to increase to about 3000 by 2050.

Too often people with dementia experience social isolation, partly because people are unaware of the symptoms and unsure how to respond to the changes in a person that they have always known.

The onus is on all of us to become dementia-aware. Find out more about dementia, increase your understanding of the condition and its impacts and help spread the word. I encourage your readers to find out more by going to

John Watkins, chief executive officer, Alzheimer's Australia NSW,

Professor Henry Brodaty,co-director, Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing


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