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Reflect on those who gave their lives for us

A hearty congratulations to the organisers of the Kangaroo March re-enactment.

After four weeks along the back roads and country lanes of many parts of my electorate, the marchers arrived at Campbelltown on October 9 having covered 520 kilometres from Wagga Wagga.

I know I am speaking on behalf of all of us when I pay tribute to the enormous effort of the volunteer committee and the integrity of the entire event.

Well done Graham Brown, Rhondda Vanzella, Julie Mather, David Williamson, Nick Illek, Angela Williamson and Jan Brown and all the others who helped co-ordinate local activities.

I had the great pleasure of joining the march on horseback at Wallendbeen and at Goulburn and was able to join other events at Breadalbane, Bundanoon and Thirlmere - all with a great sense of pride.

As we approach Remembrance Day in the centenary year of the Anzacs, again let us reflect on the courage of our young local men who signed up 100 years ago to go to war.

Hume MP Angus Taylor

Justify plan for stadia

I have a question for Mr Jai Rowell.

How can his government justify spending $1 billion on sporting stadiums when older and younger people have to wait up to 12 months for surgery and are in constant pain, taking drugs for the pain?

N Manson, Tahmoor

Penalty rates must stay

Penalty rates should be paid to all workers on weekends.

I expect to pay more for a service on a weekend — that person has given up their family time with kids or social time with friends to tend to my needs.

If you don't want to pay penalty rates don't go shopping, eat out, go to the pub, buy petrol, use electricity, gas or require hospital treatment after business hours or on weekends.

The people that work weekends quite often only do this just to make ends meet.

Maybe the wealthy people behind this push for reform should give up their weekends and just see what a strain it places on their family and social life.

You should not work weekends for no reward.

P Tindall, Buxton

What time and effort?

I refer to the article "Councillors back plan for pay rise" (Wollondilly Advertiser, September 30).

The newly elected mayor Cr Simon Landow (elected on a vote of five to four) believes that the 2.5 per cent pay increase is justified due to the "time and effort displayed by councillors".

Ratepayers didn't see "time and effort" spent by councillors supporting the recent 50.72 per cent rate increase over the next four years.

In fact, they adopted the council's recommendation without a single word in debate.

And what have councillors done over the past three years since the 2012 local government elections that has warranted "time and effort", that other councils across the state haven't done?

Do they return phone calls? Do they answer emails? Are they supporting community calls for improved roads?

The answer in many cases is a resounding "no".

In a report to the council in June, councillors adopted a reduction of $7532 for mayoral and councillor allowances, based on advice received from the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal for 2015/2016.

The savings, the report said, would "bolster council's restricted cash" to assist in the delivery of future projects and improved services.

Just 12 weeks later, at the September council meeting, councillors backed a proposal to increase the mayoral allowance to $40,090 and councillors pay to $18,380 each.

Lynette Styles, Wollondilly Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc