Remediation plan slated for toxic site

The site at 3 Elyard Street, Narellan. Picture: Google Earth

The site at 3 Elyard Street, Narellan. Picture: Google Earth

Developers have said residents have nothing to fear about plans to landfarm an old tip site in Narellan.

The site at 3 Elyard Street, Narellan was used as a council approved commercial landfill for many years and and is likely to contain contaminants including asbestos and heavy metals.

Dart West Developments is managing the process of remediation on behalf of the owners who want to develop a mixed residential and commercial precinct on the site.

Landfarming is a process used to clean contaminated soil which effectively requires the area to be aerated via tilling or ploughing.

Narellan resident Faye Lea is concerned remediation of the site will cause problems for surrounding residents and businesses.

“There is bad stuff in that tip, chemicals and asbestos were dumped there,” she said. “When it was a tip we used to have a lot of problems with odour and now they want to landfarm there.”

Dart West general manager David Taylor said the remediation plan contained solutions for dealing with materials likely to be found at the site.

“Landfarming is one of the proposed methods, and is a widely used technique for treating hyrdocarbons,” he said. Dart West carried out remediation works at the new Narellan Town Centre site in the past two years with Camden Council approval.

 “We used land farming safely and without any impact on surrounding neighbours,” Mr Taylor said.

“Planning for the tip site remediation has taken place over the past four years and Dart West has ensured that the best expert advice was sought when preparing the Remediation Action Plan.”

Mrs Lea said the old tip was not a suitable site for landfarming.

“What I would like is for the land to be left as it is,” she said. “A lot of houses back onto that area and a lot of kids visit the library. Pollution will be blowing all over Narellan.”

Public submissions on the proposed remediation plan close on Friday, October 7.

Written submissions can be made via email, post or in person to Camden Council.

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