Councillor’s concerns about raising of Warragamba Dam wall

Warragamba Dam
Warragamba Dam

Councillor Matt Gould does not want to see Warragamba township forgotten when the dam wall is raised by 14 metres.

He is urging the council to get on the front foot and lobby the state government to ensure the closure of the dam does not impact on the community.

Last year the state government allocated $58 million over four years to finalise plans to increase the dam wall by 14 metres to avoid a potential flood disaster.

Cr Gould would like the council to be at the table for any plans and discussions of raising the wall.

“When the auxillary spillway was built, access to the dam was cut off and businesses suffered,” he said.

“If the dam is closed again then I am not sure Warragamba would survive.

“If the raising of the wall is going to happen then we need to minimise the impact it will have on the community.”

Cr Gould raised a notice of motion at the last council meeting and he would like the council to receive a briefing on the proposal.

He wants to see other infrastructure built at the dam to entice tourists to travel to the area when construction starts.

“The old suspension bridge used to be chock-full,” Cr Gould said.

“It would be great if a footbridge could be built so visitors can see the construction work.”

“Or perhaps access trails could be created. We need to come up with out of the box solutions so there is not a negative impact on the village.”

Cr Gould said there were also environmental and infrastructure concerns.

“Raising the wall is not a small task and there will be heavy truck movements which is a significant concern,” he said.

“We need funding for the appropriate upgrades to bring the roads up to scratch.

“The Camden White Gum tree is now uncommon and is lucky still found in the valley, which could become underwater if the dam wall was raised.

“There are also sacred indigenous rock art that could be submerged.

“Council needs to get on the front foot. Let’s make sure Warragamba is not forgotten.”