Local captures drone footage at Mermaid Pools

What started out as a love of Youtube videos has turned into a small business capturing a bird’s eye view of picturesque locations in Macarthur.

Raby’s Mark Howard has shot footage of Mermaids Pools, the coast line along Wollongong and Southern Highlands sites.

“I started watching videos of drones on Youtube and I became interested in droneography,” Mr Howard said.

“I begged and begged the Mrs for one because they aren’t cheap and now I can’t stop using it.

“The drone allows me to see a totally different perspective on everything.”

Mr Howard has an aviation reference number which means he can fly commercially and has set a small business Droneography By Howie.

He enjoys videoing suburban landmarks and wants to shoot acreage properties for real estate agencies to use in marketing campaigns.

He would also like to video locations to use in tourism advertisements.

“I like to capture anything that is undisturbed like Sea Cliff bridge or Scarborough Beach,” Mr Howard said.

“I went for a bushwalk to Mermaids Pool in Tahmoor and it was mind-blowing. It was a long hike but was worth it for the footage.

“I got a perspective with the drone that I otherwise couldn’t get.

“I also like to shoot the coast line and waterfalls. If there is a pretty spot then it is bound to look 10 times better from the air.”

Mr Howard said he often had to seek permission for organisations to capture drone footage.

“I would love to shoot Campbelltown Stadium when it is empty but I have to speak to the council before I do.”

Mr Howard said he watched Youtube guides to learn how to fly the drone and said that anyone could do it.

“Once you pick up adjusting the controls then a drone is really easy to use.”

Mr Howard said the longest process was editing the footage.

“I can be out shooting for most of the day and I have 12 different video clips and I edit it together using iMovie,” he said.

“I find the best portion of each clip and stitch them together in sequence and then use copyright free music.

“The video for the Illawarra took me five hours to edit but the video of Mermaids Pool took me five days because I didn’t want to upload the video until I was happy with the sequence and music.”

Mr Howard’s work can be viewed on Youtube at Droneography By Howie.


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