Council wants to ease Narellan Road ‘burden’

Travelling Narellan Road is a “burden” for thousands of local drivers including Camden’s councillors.

Councillor Ashleigh Cagney said priority should be placed on alternate routes to ease the congestion on Narellan Road.

Cr Cagney said it was unfair for residents to keep making the “stressful, daunting and tiresome” journey along Narellan Road.

“My motivation in bringing this to council was because of how many people have contacted me to say they are sick to death of waiting in traffic on Narellan Road,” she said.

“Some residents have told me they struggle to get out of their suburbs of a morning.”

Cr Cagney said while the Narellan Road upgrades were needed, they shouldn’t be the main focus.

“Everyone is fed up with Narellan Road,” she said.

“It can’t be the only option and it shouldn’t be the main priority.

“If we don’t get something done now, we’ll still be talking about this at the next state election.”

The Currans Hill resident said the six kilometre journey to her child’s daycare centre, which should take her 15 minutes, often took 45 minutes.

“The traffic is banked up just trying to get onto Narellan Road,” she said.

“People in Mount Annan have told me it can take up to 20 minutes to get onto the road from Mount Annan Drive.”

Cr Cagney was also concerned for emergency vehicles who make the trip down Narellan Road at peak times.

“On several occasions I have seen ambulances stuck in traffic with their lights and siren on,” she said.

“They do their best to get around cars that are basically parked and sometimes they have to drive on the other side of the road basically to get around.

“I can’t imagine how stressful it must be for paramedics and I would hate to be the person waiting at the other end.”

All councillors agreed to write to Camden MP Chris Patterson, along with other state and federal ministers, to request that priority be placed on building the Spring Farm Parkway extension and a rail extension from Macarthur to Narellan.