Isabelle Meyers headed to the US

A Mount Annan dance student Isabelle Meyers has danced her way onto the international stage. 

The 16 year old recently attended an NRG workshop, in Sydney, unaware she was also auditioning for the chance to dance in America. 

“I originally thought it was a workshop and little competition but I realised when I got there that there was also an audition,” she said.

The dancer made it to the finals and was told there was a big award at stake – the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C for the NRG American Nationals. 

At the judging Isabelle was crowned NRG Prodigy and was told she was off to the US.

“I was a bit shocked and couldn’t believe it but I’m super excited,” she said.

She said her dance school, Commotion Performing Arts in Mount Annan, had helped her get ahead in the dance world. 

“They’ve given me a lot of connection to the industry and have really helped me to get where I want to be.”

Isabelle will travel to Washington on June 29, where she will learn for the industry’s best at a workshop, followed by a show and competition.

As the only Australian dancer at the NRG Nationals, she is currently learning three routines through video for the show and will learn her solo competition routine just two days before she heads overseas. 

“It’s not too hard to learn it in a day, but I will have to film it and keep practising it until I compete, to make sure it is clean.”

Isabelle said the workshops would be invaluable to her as she starts her career.

“I want to learn a bit more versatility,” she said. 

“I want to learn the different styles that Americans teach and their motivational tips for younger people.”