Town icon restoration going smoothly

The heart of Picton will be ticking again in no time.

Last night Wollondilly Council contractors worked through the night with a cherry picker to reinstall the bracket, bell and four clock dials at the Old Post Office building’s clock tower.

Council’s acting director of infrastructure and environment, Mike Nelson said the restoration work would be completed soon.

“At this stage the hands are missing from the clock faces but the work can be completed from the internal tower,” he said.

“The new mechanism will be installed over the coming weeks.”

Mr Nelson said the dials, clock hands, bell and bracket were sent away in February to be restored.

“The existing mechanism was not working efficiently so this component will be replaced,” he said.

“We have only been able to get back into the building at this time due to dry out works of the Old Post Office that stem back to the June 2016 flood.

“It is expected the clock will be back in working order over the coming weeks – the new mechanism will be installed and testing will take place to ensure operational efficiency.”

In September last year a group of passionate residents voiced their concerns over the state of the 1892 clock tower.

Lyn Davey was one of the residents leading the charge for the restoration.

“The restoration of the clock will be a positive for the town,” she said. 

“I want to let the council know the community is out here and is willing to help.

“There seems to be a lot of interest from residents on social media about the state of the clock.

“The town needs this morale boost. Residents would love a working clock.

“The clock tower is a key focal point for the town and it is part of Picton’s history. 

“It would be wonderful if people on walking tours or people arriving at the town could see the right time.”