This Macarthur train station could be haunted

It’s a bustling metropolitan station by day, but reports of a ghostly apparition on the deserted Macquarie Fields train station platform at night are lighting up social media.

Most people report seeing a ghost after the last train has left the station in the quiet, dark hours of the early morning.

On social media people have reported seeing a little girl dressed in a white dress or dancing clothes, covered in blood, and kneeling on the tracks sobbing or screaming.

Others believe they hear voices asking for help or crying out in pain.

Sydney Investigation Ghost Tours director Jeanette Kamper, from Glenfield, said she and her co-director Jenny Van Genderen had investigated the station several times.

She said they had been to the station at different hours of the night throughout the past decade.

“We are skeptics as well so we need to find proof,” Ms Kamper said.

“We suspect the spirit is a young woman who was murdered nearby a few years ago.

“She went to meet someone she had met online and was murdered near the station.

“We both definitely saw a young woman there.”

Ms Kamper said she believed the spirit haunting the station had been the victim of foul play.

“We heard cries for help,” she said.

“If it was someone who had committed suicide, they wouldn’t be calling out for help.”

Kymberly Spina took to social media to share her own story of viewing a little girl’s ghostly spirit at Macquarie Fields.

“I’ve seen her,” she said.

“She sat in the middle of the tracks and had blood on her white dress.

“She had her head in her hands and just cried quietly for about 10 minutes then looked up and let out a huge scream and she disappeared.

“Super scary – I’ll never go there again.”

Campbelltown librarian Andrew Allen posted on his blog, The History Buff, that the ghost could be a 42-year-old woman named Emily Hay Georgenson.

“She was killed on the Saturday afternoon of July 7, 1906,” he said.

“Newspaper reports provide a gruesome description of what happened.

“The Cumberland Argus described how ‘an unknown woman was run over and killed near Macquarie Fields platform on Saturday afternoon by the train reaching Liverpool at 3.53pm. The line there is a straight down-grade from Ingleburn, and the train, which does not stop before it reaches Liverpool, was travelling with considerable speed. When near the platform, the driver noticed the woman attempt to cross in front of the engine, too near to avert the accident, and the woman was knocked down and run over and literally cut to pieces’”

Mr Allen said she was travelling to Glenfield to visit her friends on the day of her death.

“The coroner ruled that it was not an accidental stumble and that Emily had committed suicide by throwing herself in front of the train,” he said.

“I wonder, is it Emily's faint crying that can be heard on the breeze at Macquarie Fields station late at night?

“Perhaps they are cries of a tortured soul that will hopefully one day find everlasting peace.”


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