Enjoy the luxury of linen

Francophiles may be feeling a bit wistful now that Bastille Day is behind us. However there is a way you can maintain the memory of at least one of the luxuries for which we can thank the French.

There is no denying it that once you have slept in french linen, you never go back to cotton. What is it about linen sheets that have us go gaga and pay so much money to own a pair?

Kathie Argyros, Interior Stylist and Owner of French Cargo, said that the French and Europeans have know for many years that linen is the most sustainable fibre and one of the strongest fibres to have in your home.

“King Louis XV and his successors used linen for their upholstery in the 1600s and some of that upholstery is still intact. No wonder you pay top dollar for quality linen. It will outlive you.

“Sure there are lots of cheaper options but in my opinion, linen made in Europe is what you should be looking for if you want your linen to last. Hence the difference price point,” she said.

So why choose linen sheets? Ms Argyos provided these benefits:

“1.Linen is a super strong fiber. When wet it is double the strength of cotton, it can withstand frequent washing and wear and tear and is exceptionally durable.

“2.Linen is extremely versatile. It keeps you cool and comfortable in summer, and being the best conductor of heat, it will keep you warm in winter. You also eliminate the mammoth task of changing over to flannel sheets, as it gets colder, bonus! 

“3.As linen ages, it gets softer and becomes luxuriously comfortable to sleep in. People who sleep with linen swear they’ve experience the best night sleep ever. Linen relaxes the body and calms the mind, ensuring you wake up feeling recharged and refreshed. A great way to start your day.

“4.Linen is non-allergenic, a non-irritant and rejects bacteria. It is the healthiest and proven way to sleep.

“5.The natural silicon in linen fiber protects against rotting, assuring the longevity and reliability of the product. Mummies dating back as far as 400BC were found still wrapped in linen; which has certainly stood the test of time. The Egyptians were certainly onto something.

“6. Linen is the most ecological fiber to manufacture using five times less water than cotton. Great for our environment and natural resources. By investing in this versatile, long lasting super fiber, you’re also investing in yourself: the quality and well being of your health, lifestyle, the sustainability of our environment not to mention the economy.

“Every French home has linen sheets. Because they know, that buying quality means buying once. That is economical. Smart people the French,” Ms Argyros said.

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The luxury of sleep: Ms Aryros said that people who sleep with linen swear they’ve experienced their best night's sleep ever.

The luxury of sleep: Ms Aryros said that people who sleep with linen swear they’ve experienced their best night's sleep ever.

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