Our favourite Game of Thrones moments

A TV show has rarely captured the undivided attention of the world as absolutely as Game of Thrones.

As the world counts down the seconds until season 7 premieres on Monday, we in the Advertiser office have not stopped talking about the HBO show.

In a show that offers so many unbelievably memorable and affecting moments, it was nigh-on-impossible for our staff to each select just one stand-out moment, but we’ve whittled it down.

Below are our favourite Game of Thrones moments.

[WARNING: There are spoilers ahead. Obviously.]

The Red Wedding, Season 3, Episode 9

By Kayla Osborne

I started watching Game of Thrones just as season three had ended (I know, I know...don’t judge me). So when a friend asked me who my favourite character was and I said Robb Stark she told me I should pick another favourite (which was Ned Stark, so that didn’t end well for me either). 

The moment the Lannister anthem started playing at Edmure Tully’s wedding I just knew something terrible was about to go down.

What followed can only be described as a huge kick in the gut for all Stark fans.

Robb, his new (and pregnant) bride Talisa and his mother Catelyn were barbarically slaughtered after an epic betrayal by Roose Bolton and Walder Frey. 

Also they killed Robb’s direwolf Grey Wind, and I think we can all agree that animal deaths are by far the saddest.

So I can’t really say The Red Wedding was a ‘favourite’ moment for me, but it certainly was a stand-out and set the bar for all character deaths to come.

Honourable mentions:

-Vicerys Targaryen’s death (that crown though...)

-The Purple Wedding (Joffery Baratheon’s (*cough* Lannister) death) 

- The Walk of Shame

- Anything Lyanna Mormont says. She’s a Ka-ween.

This death is too violent to show here, so here's a compilation of reactions to it.

The Mountain vs the Viper, Season 4, Episode 8

By Jess Layt

There have been some pretty epic deaths in Game of Thrones. They’ve been gory, satisfying, devastating, shocking. But, for me, all other deaths pale in comparison to the Trial By Combat in the eighth episode of season 4. The battle between the Mountain (the much-despised, Hulk-like brother of The Hound, Gregor Clegane) and the Viper (Oberyn Martell, the Dornish prince hellbent on revenge for his sister) was unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

The tension was thick in the fight to decide if Tyrion would be executed for his alleged assassination of King Joffrey. The Mountain was strong but the Viper was fast.

Just when it looked like Oberyn had it in the bag he decided to be the showman, bragging and hollering for the crowd.

Rookie mistake Oberyn! Why, oh why, would you turn your back on this behemoth of a man?

I yelled at the screen, but, alas, he didn’t heed my warnings. He was pulled down. The Mountain was on top, squeezing Oberyn’s head with his vice-like grip.

And then it happened. Oberyn’s head exploded like a grapefruit while Ellaria Sand watched on in horror.

I think I froze, eyes wide, mouth agape for about five minutes afterward.

Just thinking about it now sends shivers up my spine. It was amazing. It was pure cinematic excellence. It was Game of Thrones at its best.

Honourable mentions:

-Shireen burning at the stake (How could you, Stannis?)

-The battle between Brienne of Tarth and The Hound 

-The reveal of Jon Snow’s parentage (O.O)

-Daenerys setting fire to the Khals (Khaleesi is BOSS!)

The Battle of the Bastards, Season 6, Episode 9

By Josh Bartlett

Game of Thrones is notorious for two things - sex and violence.

The Battle of the Bastards episode in season 6 highlighted the latter.

In the North, the armies of the "bastards" Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton face off in a battle for the control of Winterfell.

The moments leading up to the battle were epic in themselves.

Ramsay makes a trap for Jon to save his younger brother Rickon.

Rickon is allowed to run free from Ramsay's grasps, but must avoid being shot at with a bow and arrow.

As GOT fans will know, Rickon is unsuccessful in his attempt (why couldn't you zig-zag, Rickon!).

After that suspense, it is time for the main course - the battle of the bastards

What follows can only be described as a mass slaughter, but a cinematic master class.

The battle is long and unbelievably bloody, captured in amazing detail by the film crew.

If you haven't seen it, this battle is definitely worthy viewing.

Honourable mentions:

- The Door (a real tear-jerker for GOT fans)

- Cersei blows up King’s Landing (Why didn’t you listen to Margaery? T.T)

- The Mountain and The Viper (this scene was crushing – boom-tish!)

Jon Snow and Wildlings vs White Walkers, Season 5, Episode 8

By Simon Bennett

I started watching Game of Thrones from day one.

This show is the pinnacle of television these days, the way it is written, the way it is shot, the production value is truly amazing.

The in-depth story value alone makes this television show amazing. You would never get a movie out of this story and have it be this good – it was made for television.

My favourite moment is seeing Jon Snow and the Wildlings take on the white walkers in season 5.

Seeing all those characters that were once enemies fight together to beat an enemy that seems unbeatable.

Jon Snow's growth as a leader is and hero is remarkable.

Honourable mentions:

- The Mountain vs the Viper (the most brutal thing I’ve ever seen on television)

- Cersei blowing up King’s Landing (I would have bought tickets to watch them burn)


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