Locals warned to watch bank accounts

Locals have been warned to keep a close eye on their bank accounts and credit cards.

Bargo resident Nat Weaver said her bank account showed transactions from ‘Daybreak Games’ that she had not made.

She took to Facebook to ask if others had had their bank account skimmed.

“I freaked out, asked my daughter if she had purchased anything then called the bank,” she said. “I only use Paypal when purchasing online.

“I only used my card at Foodworks, the St George ATM and the chemist.

“Maybe someone had a portable skimmer?”

Other residents said they had also seen fraudulent transactions in their account recently.

Leanne Szafranski said “mine got done on Sunday from a Google Games.”

Fiona Clark said “my card got done also, fraud investigators called me last night and put a stop on my card.”

Camden police crime manager Detective Inspector Jayne Doherty said no card skimming reports had been made to the police recently and she encouraged locals to report the crime.

“Report it to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network and the local police because it could be linked to other reports,” she said..

Detective Inspector Doherty said locals could reduce the risk by only using protected sites to make transactions, to use a third party payment site like Paypal, to keep the physical card and PIN number safe