Tahmoor’s DNA BMX Park gets new track

Riders young and old will be racing on the soon-to-be constructed BMX pump track in Tahmoor.

The project involves re-shaping the existing beginner’s run of jumps to form a circuit pump track at the DNA BMX Park.

The track will be built before September 30 and it is an addition to the existing dirt freestyle track.

Loryn Wessel from Born to Ride Freestyle Association Inc, which maintains the bike track, has praised Wollondilly Council for upgrading the community facility.

“This will be a great upgrade for the area, especially with the new residents that are moving into Wollondilly,” she said.

“The closest pump track is in Kirkham near Camden and now our pump track will cater for under-8 riders.

“We noticed the little kids could not manage on the freestyle track, especially because of the cracked dirt, and now they will be able to more easily.”

Wollondilly mayor Judith Hannan said the DNA BMX Park was a hub for recreational activities and social interaction.

“It is important that we continue to enhance the park to meet the needs of the existing and future generations,” she said.

“This project has been designed to meet the needs of BMX riders and also offer new opportunities for people of all ages and experience levels to participate in BMX riding.”

Pump tracks are a circuit of banked turns and features that are designed by riders who “pump” – create momentum by making up and down body movements.

The pump track will include a table-top jump line, rollers throughout the track and berms along key bends.

Ms Wessel and her business partner Mick Ross secured 3000 tonnes of free clay donated by Earthworx which will be used to build the new track.

“We will also have enough dirt left over to upgrade and maintain the freestyle track for years,” she said.

Dirt Art has designed the track and Ms Wessel hopes construction will start in about three weeks time.

Ms Wessel said the new track would attract riders from across Macarthur and Southern Highlands regions.

“The track will become a fun place where kids can practise,” she said.

“The track will put money back into the community because kids will go to the local shops to get something to eat and drink.”

Ms Wessel said she eventually wanted to hold competitions for younger riders on the new pump track and would eventually like to see the pump track sealed with bitumen once kids start using it.

The project was jointly funded by the council and the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership Program.