Home town girl to entertain in Warragamba wrestling show

She grew up watching wrestling with her father and now Warragamba’s Tarlee Leckie is a female champhion.

She will be coming home to entertain crowds with her flaming red hair, Ninja Turtles inspired green costume and signature moves.

Hunter Valley Wrestling will bring a fun family show to Warragamba Town Hall for the first time on August 19.

The highlight of the show will be a showdown between Tarlee and Motar. The championship match will be between Slade Mercer and Mr Mortis, Falco and Adam “Daddy” Asixx as well as Jengis Kong and Cesar.

Ms Leckie said she was excited to compete at home.

“Most of my matches are played outside of western Sydney at Newcastle, Bondi or in Queensland or Melbourne so my family and friends haven’t seen me perform often,” she said.

“It will be good for people to see the progress I have made, especially the doubters who didn’t think I could do it. I want to prove to myself that I have made it.”

Ms Leckie encourage locals and Macarthur residents to come see the show so they can better understand wrestling.

“Not a lot happens in Warragamba so this is something exciting for families in the town,” she said.

Ms Leckie lives and breathes wrestling having watched WWE and she has been training for the past three years. She has competed in matches for past two years.

“I love wrestling because of its art of storytelling,” she said.

“I do it for the fans and they are the reason I keep putting my body on the line. They are the reason I keep hurting myself every week.

“It is great to see fans bring signs of support and I like having photos and hugs with fans.

“I hope to help another child achieve their dream because I used to be like them.”

Ms Leckie is the Hunter Valley Wrestling Women’s Champion. She won the title in a hard-fought match in November last year.

“To win that match, the winner had to put the other person through a table,” she said. “I still have scars from that match.”

Ms Leckie said in wrestling there was always a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ character. She plays a good character.

“My style is ‘powerhouse’ – I lift up another person and slam them on the mat,” she said. “I plan some of my bigger moves but usually I do my match on the fly in the ring. I make a call on the spot what the crowd is feeling.”

Ms Leckie’s dream is to finish her career where it started.

“I want to make it to WWE one day,” she said. “To get there I need to wrestle in more countries. I have been to China, England and Japan to compete and to get my name out there.

“It will take a lot of training to get to the big league and it will mean spending time away from home but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.”

Ms Leckie is going to America next year for three months to try and get her foot in the door.

She trains at a gym six times a week and also trains at a wrestling gym in Penrith. 

She said wrestling was not “just for entertainment”.

“I have ruptured my MCL, I have had three concussions with one putting me in hospital, I have had teeth knocked out and I have been bloodied,” she said.

“People say it is fake – it is not fake.”

The show starts at 6pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased from here.

Details: Hunter Valley Wrestling LIVE at Warragamba Town Hall on Facebook.