The Bachelor films at Wilton’s Sydney Skydivers

Local eagle-eyed Bachie fans would have noticed a familiar adventure spot in Thursday night’s episode.

Sydney Skydivers in Wilton was the scene for a group date on Channel Ten’s show The Bachelor.

The popular place for thrill-seekers has been featured several times throughout The Bachelor seasons.

This year, leading man Matty J took a group of female contestants to jump out of plane and in true Bachelor style, drama ensued.

Viewers saw Simone, who is afraid of heights, melt down but then she eventually jumped earning herself a solo date.

For a full recap of the show’s episode read below:

Matty Johnson has laid it on the line to his prospective partners.

After stopping the usual rose-giving ceremony in the previous episode and walking out, the Bachelor has now declared that he is 'not a puppet' of the producers on the Network Ten reality show and will send any contestant home that he chooses.

And that's exactly what he did on Thursday night.  

Instead of resuming the stalled rose-giving ceremony, Johnson took a previously disgruntled contestant, Sian, to a private spot and suggested that she leave the show.

"I think he put me out of my misery, in all honesty," Sian said. "That's totally fine."

She admitted, though, she had "wanted to give it my all because I'm not a quitter".

After Sian left, Matty J then had a rare rant to the other contestants about his "genuine" intentions in finding love.

"I just want to say to you ladies that I'm not some puppet that's just being told what to do," he said.

"When I pick someone for a single date, that's because I picked them myself. I decide who goes on those dates".

He dismissed any suggestion his choices were being guided by the producers or writers for the show.

"I think the main issue is she was really questioning what was real and what wasn't, things that I was saying . . . and even questioning, like, if they were genuine or not," Johnson said.

"When you receive a rose in the rose ceremony, that's because it's entirely my decision," he told the contestants.

"There is absolutely no one who's telling me what to do when people need to leave.

"I am here purely because I want to find someone and I hope you can appreciate that."

After the stalled rose ceremony, the remainder of Thursday night's episode carried on in its usual format, with Johnson taking bachelorette Tara on a cooking date, before a sky-diving group date.

This continues to be a bawdy season of The Bachelor, with Tara making repeated leering remarks about Matty J's "arse" in the kitchen, before he eventually told her "no more touching".

But her directness was clearly received in good humour by Johnson, because Tara later scored a kiss and a rose from The Bachelor after apparently showing her "sensitive" side.

The sky-diving group date featured bouts of hysteria from Simone, who is afraid of heights, but she eventually jumped out of a plane.

"Simone, just all of a sudden just pulled it together and jumped – I am so proud of Simone," Matty J said. He eventually asked for a solo date as a result of her taking the leap.

She hadn't been the only one with nerves during the sky-jumping.

"Oh God, no man is worth this," exclaimed Laura, before jumping, later declaring it was "exhilarating".

The usual rose-giving ceremony returned without a hitch at the end of Thursday night's episode.