Magistrate tells offender to seek counselling.

A concoction of drugs and an evening streak through the streets of Narrawallee has landed a 21-year-old man in court. 

A weekend away on the coast for Jed Warwick-Tomkin, of Orangeville, turned to trouble when he took three different drugs, ran through a suburban street naked and tried to fight randoms. 

On Thursday, August 17, Warwick-Tomkin faced three charges of possessing prohibited drugs relating to the June 24 evening. 

Police became aware of the young man’s actions after he ran naked on Leo Drive in front of cars at 7.40pm. 

When officers arrived, Warwick-Tomkin was being held down by friends and was “seriously affected” by drugs and alcohol. 

“Police could smell alcohol on this breath and he told police he had taken acid," police facts stated. 

“While police held Warwick-Tomkin, his friends told them he had also smoked cannabis and drank spirits.” 

Warwick-Tomkin was taken to Milton Hospital, before police returned to his holiday accommodation and found 5.6 grams of psilocybin mushroom, 0.180 grams of cannabis and 0.582 grams of dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a hallucinogen.

The accused admitted to owning the drugs and was photographed and finger printed. He told police the affect of DMT was “15 minutes of pure strength and heightened senses”.

Magistrate Gabriel Fleming had some tough words for Warwick-Tomkin, who has a criminal history for drug use. 

“If you think everyone your age is doing this, you're wrong,” Magistrate Fleming said.

“This is not a typical picture of someone your age. It is a problem. 

“Clearly the effect of drugs on you was appalling.”

Magistrate Fleming urged Warwick-Tomkin to seek drug counselling.

“You come here on holidays and run around the town naked,” she said.

“There is something going wrong for you to go on holidays and take drugs. You need to do something about it.”

Warwick-Tomkin was convicted and fined $500 for possessing mushrooms, $500 for having DMT and put on a good behavior bond with community corrections supervision. 

For having the cannabis, he was fined $200. 

“You need to draw a line in the sand," Magistrate Fleming said. 

“You should not be experimenting with drugs. You don’t know what could happen next time.”