GALLERY | A look at the Leumeah castle

Not everyone gets to come home every night and step inside their very own castle – especially not in Leumeah.

But that’s just what Maria Marasigan and her family have gotten to do since moving into the Dowling Street property three years ago.

The famous castle was built by former owner Ron Farmer in the 1970s.

He painstakingly moulded every stone into the desired shapes with a concrete mixer and included shield and lion details all throughout the little castle to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece based on those in his home country of England.

The property was bought by Sonita and Gopal Ganza in 2014.

“My wife is a queen so I wanted to buy her a castle,” Mr Ganza told the Advertiser.

The couple wanted to rent the castle out, but not to just anyone – they were looking for the perfect people who would take care of it and treat it with the respect it deserved.

Enter the Marasigans, who had moved to Sydney from Western Australia.

The family, husband and wife Maria and Ghanim and their four children Elijah, Sebastian, Mariam and Hussein, have loved living there ever since.

“Sometimes I forget that I live in a castle, but as soon as I have people over I’m reminded of how amazing it is,” Mrs Marasigan said.

“I am so grateful that I am able to live in this piece of art that [Mr Farmer] created with so much love.

“For me, I’m a creative person, so it’s like a dream to live in somebody's artwork.

“It allows me to flourish and brings positivity to my children.”

Mrs Marasigan said her neighbours, especially those with children, were thrilled when the family moved into the castle because they were finally able to explore what lay beyond the walls.

She said the neighbourhood children loved playing in the yard.

Mrs Marasigan said she was always finding new facets of the castle she had never known existed.

“Only recently I came into my bedroom and the kids were playing with my mirror," she said.

"I didn't know what they were doing, but they said ‘Mum, just have a look’.

“It turned out the mirror was like a hidden door like in the movies, and it opened up to a secret drawer.

“I find things like that all the time.”

Mrs Marasigan said, as a nature lover, her favourite part of the castle was its proximity to the bush.

The Marasigans will open their home to the public in a fundraising event for the Love Your Sister Foundation on September 16. 


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