An elected LNP government would dump Safe Schools in Queensland

A Liberal National Party state government would dump the Safe Schools program in Queensland, after it was accused of being "ideologically-driven".

Opposition education spokeswoman Tracy Davis said the LNP wanted to withdraw from Safe Schools and create an alternative anti-bullying program.

"We want an anti-bullying program that is far-reaching and addresses issues faced by all children," Ms Davis said.

"It's become the focus of one particular group and what we want to see is a program that delivers for all of our kids in schools.

"I think Safe Schools has become ideologically-driven."

Ms Davis said the programs already on offer for teachers should be audited.

"And take from that the bits that would be beneficial in terms of addressing bullying and we would put together a panel of people, experts, child psychologists, parents and educators in order to really drill down on the issues that we need to be addressing in order to address bullying in schools," she said.

Federal funding for the program runs out in October, and Queensland Labor has not committed specific funding for it after then, unlike the Victorian government.

Despite the uproar, it seems unlikely that Safe Schools will continue to be used as a resource for staff in Queensland schools beyond 2017.

The tender for the organisations which provide the education was due to run out in coming months, and groups such as True, which would be likely to apply, had their own resources and did not use Safe Schools materials.

Education Minister Kate Jones said Safe Schools had never been taught in a classroom in Queensland.

"Ms Davis also knows that Safe Schools is not funded by the state government but by her LNP colleagues in Canberra," she said.

"In Queensland, we have always taken the approach that schools under the leadership of their local principals are best placed to know what their students need.

"Safe Schools resources have never been used in classrooms but only used to support principals and teachers."

One Nation has also vowed to drop Safe Schools if they have the balance of power in the next Parliament.

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