Tahmoor Public School celebrates 100 year of education

Tahmoor Public School started out in one building with less than 30 children.

One hundred years later, the school is bigger than ever with more than 400 students.

On Wednesday, September 20, the school will celebrate its 100 year anniversary.

The school was gazetted on the same day in 1917.

Principal David Schofield said the anniversary day would be an opportunity for celebration and reminiscence.

“The day will be a chance for past students and staff to visit their old school to share their memories,” he said.

“Kindies of today will be connected to students of the past from 80 years.

“Next year’s Picton High School captain is a former Tahmoor student and he will be coming back to share his memories.

“A 2017 time capsule will also be laid.”

Students will go on a historical walk to learn about points of interest in the school’s past.

They will also get to look at the contents of two exhumed time capsules which were laid in the 1920s and 1980s.

Mr Schofield said the school started in one weatherboard building – Stratford House.

“Another building was transported from Warragamba and a third original wood building is still being used by our special needs classes,” he said.

“The original principal’s residence is also being used as our teacher’s resource centre. 

“I still have a cane from the old days.”

The school will commemorate the anniversary with a mural designed and painted by Tahmoor’s Joe Quilter.

“The school is continuing to grow as the area grows,” Mr Schofield said.

“We are getting a new demountable building which will allow us to increase class numbers.

“Our school is now at a healthy size and we have the community’s support and respect.

“I feel very privileged to be in a position to carry on the great work of my predecessors at the school.

“I am very humbled to be the principal of the Tahmoor Public School.”

Mr Schofield said there were plans to create a commemorative garden and line it with pavers that current and past students and their families can purchase.