Angus Taylor should tell us his vote | Open Letter

Angus, show us the way! Tell us how you will vote.

Two years ago I sent an open letter to the Member for Macarthur suggesting that he and the rest of Parliament should take the lead in this discussion about marriage equality. I suggested to him that it was fair, sensible and ultimately inevitable. Why doesn’t the Parliament of which he was a member show us the way?

My friend and the Member for Hume, Angus Taylor, is in my opinion, abrogating his responsibility to lead. The government has foisted upon us an unnecessary plebiscite at an unprecedented cost of $122m (at the very least). Angus has indicated that he is likely to follow the will of the people.

Angus, please let us know how you will vote in this plebiscite. Tell us that you will see reason and ultimately be a part of appropriate legislation that allows equality of marriage.

Of course Angus I agree with you that “appropriate legislation” should ensure the basic freedoms – that is freedom of religion, speech, and parental choice. You, as a member of the government, no doubt will see that these freedoms are embedded in the legislation to the extent that they are necessary.

Angus, before you tell us where you stand, I ask you to consider a couple of things. Firstly, a successful no vote will undoubtedly prolong the agony of discrimination for those (like members of my family) that have suffered discrimination their entire lives. Further, a no vote does not improve in any way the lives of anyone else.

On the other hand, a successful yes vote will make the lives of so many people so much better and richer. Full recognition by their fellow Australians. A fair go. At the same time, a yes vote will not harm anyone else in the community.

I recently wrote to a number of friends and clients asking them to give careful consideration to their vote.

I pointed out that I have five grandchildren all under nine years of age. I don’t know whether they are heterosexual, and will therefore, have the right to marry their loved one. I can say one thing, however, that if there is a gay kid amongst my grandchildren, I will love him or her as much as the others – as I’m sure you would Angus in the same situation. 

I would dread however being the one to tell him or her that he or she can’t marry the person he or she loves.

 – Jim Marsden OAM


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