Bush fire warning for Macarthur residents

Fighting fires.
Fighting fires.

Unfavourable weather conditions have left Campbelltown and Camden “primed for large, fast-running destructive” bush fires, the Rural Fire Service has warned.

Fire mitigation officer Rodney Fenech said October marked the start of bush fire season and all residents should be prepared.

“The one question that I would ask all residents is ‘do you know your level of risk?’. If you don’t know your level of risk, then you are more likely not to be concerned about your safety” Mr Fenech said.

“We are currently experiencing windier conditions which are further drying the grassland areas out.

“The recent dry conditions have encouraged curing, particularly in grassland areas. With the weather warming up, these areas of grass will be primed for large, fast-running destructive fires.

“Under hot and windy conditions, grass fires can spread quickly and threaten lives, property, crops and stock.”

Mr Fenech said residents should: remove flammable materials from their yard; clear gutters of leaves; keep lawn cut low; check hoses; and discuss a bush survival plan with their family.

During the bush fire danger period, any person wishing to light a fire for a particular purpose other than keeping warm or cooking must have written approval from the council or Environmental Protection Authority.

For more details visit: rfs.nsw.gov.au.