Resident opposes 4000 new homes in Cawdor

Rural Cawdor
Rural Cawdor

Chris Boardman wants Cawdor’s unique rural landscape to remain untouched but one developer has a different idea.

Frasers Property Australia has lodged an application with Wollondilly Council on behalf of the private land owner to rezone 530 hectares of land in Cawdor.

The proposal seeks to build about 4000 dwellings, new schools, child care and a local village centre. The development would house 12,000 residents.

Ms Boardman is against the development and wants to see the land used for viable agricultural production.

“There used to be crops on the land but there hasn’t been any for many years,” The Argyle Gourmet shop owner said.

“I don’t want to see houses on the land. When houses are built we won’t be able to regain the farming land once it is gone.

“Developers have tried several times to develop that area but it has always been knocked back at state government level or withdrawn.

“So hopefully this proposal will be knocked back as well.”

The land is bordered by Remembrance Drive to the east, Cawdor Road to the south and west, and Wire Lane to the north. It is adjacent to the existing Camden township on its south west side.

Ms Boardman said she could not understand why Wollondilly needed more housing when the council had already meet its quota for development.

She was also concerned the area was flood prone and distinctively remembers when Cawdor Road, from Doncaster Avenue to Cawdor Public School, was inundated with water.

“When I was a child, I used to ride my bike to school and one time there was a flash flood and dad had to come pick me up in his truck,” she said.

Ms Boardman was also concerned because if the development was approved then she worried Camden shops would continue to lose customers.

“Every knew development has new shops and a school but Camden stays the same,” she said.

“The development won’t enhance Camden.”

A Frasers Property Australia spokeswoman said the site had the potential to create an extension of the existing residential area and provide additional amenity and services to the local community.

“We bring considerable expertise and experience, harnessed through our work on communities in Sydney including The Ponds, Fairwater and Central Park,” she said.

“We understand development is a sensitive local issue and we look forward to advancing discussions on the application.”

The future M9 Orbital, which will connect Menangle to Sydney’s northwest, is expected to run through Cawdor.