ARTC has urged parents to talk to their children about rail safety.

The recklessness of a handful of Tahmoor children has prompted the rail track authority to urge parents to educate their kids about track safety.

The Australian Rail Track Corporation sent a letter to Tahmoor homes late last month which asked residents to report any unusual activity near the rail line or any children trespassing in the rail corridor.

ARTC spokesman Bas Boylan said the school holidays often saw a spike in trespassing.

“On September 25, a train driver notified the ARTC that kids has placed rocks on the Tahmoor track,” he said.

“We wont to avoid the risk that something tragic might happen.”

A freight train can take up to two kilometres to stop and passenger trains can run through the section up to 100 kilometres per hour.

Mr Boylan said placing objects on the track could also damage the train and tracks and impact the drivers.

“Drivers have a difficult job where they can see near hits and fatalities,” he said.

“If children are in the rail corridor then the driver will have to put on the emergency break.

“Sadly, the worst case impact of people on the track is fatalities or serious injuries,” he said.

“A serious incident can have long lasting affects on drivers and the families of the victims as well as customers, the first responders who can be emergency service personnel or one of our team.”

Mr Boylan said the ARTC wanted to inform residents about the risks through positive track safety education.

“By educating the community we hope to see safer rail behaviour and we want to positively reinforce the message.

“We hope the letter will prompt parents to have a family discussion about rail safety just like they would discuss road safety.

“We want the local knowledge to find out when and the specific locations that people target along the corridor.

“If there is an issue then our local team can repair and maintain it.

Mr Boylan said ARTC also wanted to educate children in schools about rail safety.

He said there were several ways pedestrians and drivers could stay safe around trains including staying behind the yellow line, taking out earphones and looking both ways when at a pedestrian level crossing and drivers should pay attention and look both ways at rail crossings.


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