Water park idea at The Oaks makes a splash

A plan to build a small-scale water park is making a splash with locals in The Oaks.

With the number of houses being approved and built in the village, residents want to see Wollondilly Council and a developer build a water park.

Councillor Simon Landow said the idea had been simmering away for two years.

“It would not be an extravagant water park like the one that will be built in Camden but rather it will be a fun place for young kids to play on a hot summer day,” he said.

“It would be small and inclusive for little kids as well.

“It could go near Dudley Chesham Park Oval or another park in the village.”

Cr Landow said his vision for the park would include a tipping bucket, water fountains and sprinklers on a concrete ground, which used recycled water.

He said the project would have a small budget of about $150,000 $300,000 for plumbing, concrete and equipment.

Cr Landow said the water park would be funded by section 94 developer contributions not council’s funding allocation for roads or any other project.

He said he “did not want to get anyone’s hopes up” and rather wanted to start the conversation with the community.

Cr Landow will seek support from fellow councillors at the next council meeting.

Residents took to Facebook to voice their excitement over a potential water park.

Sharon Robertson said it was “great” and she hoped it happened. Priscilla Hanley said “a water park would be good” as did Jen Davis, “I think it's a great idea for our kids anywhere in the area.”

Cr Landow said his six-year-old daughter Matilda wants the community’s support for a water park and started a small letterbox drop in her neighbourhood to continue the conversation.

“Matilda was writing letters and I asked her what the letter was about,” he said. 

“She came up with an idea [to write about] wanting a [community] pool, which then changed to a water park. Matilda then decided she wanted to gain support and do a letter box drop of her letter.

“I will support her and any other kids who want to see change.”

Camden Council in April approved water play parks in Oran Park and Elderslie and new playgrounds located in Harrington Park and Currans Hill worth $4 million.