Spring Farm garden a work of art

Linda Jane used her skills as an art teacher to create a garden worthy of a gallery.

The Spring Farm resident was chosen as the grand champion winner in this year’s Camden Council garden awards. 

Ms Jane said her love of gardening had been a lifelong passion.

“I was an art teacher for 35 years so I love colour, texture and design and I also love to grow and nurture things,” she said.

The avid gardener said she did not expect to win.

“I saw all of these beautiful acreages and elaborate gardens and I thought I didn’t even have a chance,” she said.

“My kids are always saying how beautiful the garden is and I promised my dad that I would enter so I put in the form the day before the entries closed.”

She was also chosen as the winner of the Most Creative Garden award and the Senior Citizen Garden award.

Ms Jane said she had always loved flowers. 

“I remember at my nan’s house there were always flowers – she even had poppies,” she said.

“Then at home we had roses and other lovely flowers, and mum was always creating beautiful arrangements around the house.”

Ms Jane moved to Spring Farm four years ago and started her garden from scratch.

“Everything started out small and I have watched and helped it grow,” she said.

“I love everything in my garden – it is mostly yellow and white with a touch of purple because it shows up nicely against my grey bricks.

“I like camellias but I also decided to grow some native plants in the garden which is something I hadn’t done before.”

Ms Jane said gardening was therapeutic.

“I have five kids and I’m also a teacher so gardening was my way of relaxing,” she said.

“It’s nice to be outdoors and enjoying time in the sun.”

Other garden competition winners included:

  • David and Sherryl Morrison - Best New Garden
  • Bob Watson - Best Floral Display
  • Carrington Care - Professional Garden
  • Macarthur Preschool – School/ Class Plot
  • Allan Svancar - Most Sustainable Garden
  • Valerie Finch - Best Backyard
  • Murray and Sue Hamer - Best Front Yard
  • Marie Thompson - Veggie Garden/Plot