Bradbury’s ‘miracle baby’ born

At 51 years of age Bradbury’s Andrea Greenwood has given birth to her ‘miracle baby’ girl.

Only one in several million women over the age of 50 can conceive and give birth to a baby naturally.

Mrs Greenwood and her husband Chris were delighted to welcome Catherine Jade into the world on Monday afternoon at Campbelltown Hospital.

“We had several miscarriages so we thought having a baby wasn’t going to happen, I was menopausal and going through some heart problems when we found out she was on the way,” she said.

“We just feel so blessed that she is healthy and happy – she’s such a good baby, she’s a little angel.”

Catherine Jade measured 49 centimetres and weighed just over three and a half kilograms (eight pounds and 12 ounces) at birth.

“I started labour at 1.26pm on Sunday afternoon, I was sent home but then I went back later in the night and they kept me in until I gave birth at 5.21pm on Monday,” Mrs Greenwood said.

“We had a natural birth, no intervention and no pain relief except for the good old gas.

“She was born at 37 weeks and three days into my pregnancy so a little premature but she was quite large for a premmie baby because I had gestational diabetes.”

Mrs Greenwood, who also has four adult children, said her struggles to conceive over the years made Catherine’s birth extra special.

“I just cried when I could finally look at her and say ‘she is here’,” she said.

“This journey that we have been through has been tough but it was all worth it.”

Mrs Greenwood said her message to women experiencing fertility issues was to trust medical staff’s advice.

“Some women may not be able to conceive but for those who can, don’t let your age be a factor,” she said.

“Don’t overthink it, just go with it – Chris and I had stopped thinking about it and trying and the next thing you know we found out we were having a baby.

“If you feel it is right for you and your partner at the time, then go for it – live the dream.”

Mrs Greenwood said she had had mixed responses to her pregnancy.

“I have had people say, ‘You'll be in your seventies when she is starting uni,’ and I say, ‘And? She is going to keep me young, youthful and keep me going,’” she said.

“I have had other people say to me ‘well done, good on you for not giving up and enjoy every moment with her.’”

Campbelltown Hospital staff have overseen Mrs Greenwood’s entire pregnancy.

She said her midwife, nurses and doctors had been “amazing”.

“I had the privilege of dealing with one midwife named Flick for my whole pregnancy which was great,” Mrs Greenwood said.

“Between the staff, my sister Cathy and my friend Simone, I had a lot of support.

“The hospital has come a long way, even in the past five years and the experience was really positive for us.”