Macarthur won the under-13s boys softball state championships at Blacktown International Sportspark

Macarthur claimed a third straight Softball NSW Under-13s State Championship with an 8-5 win over Georges River at Blacktown International Sportspark on Sunday night.

Locked at 4-all late in the game, a four-run innings helped Macarthur to the title.

Macarthur coach Tim Darby said it was a great tournament for the boys who were able to clinch the title once again.

“They had a very good first pitcher, we were just sweating on being close enough to score when their second string pitcher came on,” he said.

“Our strength has been the pitchers we’ve had.”

Macarthur has had a strong development program with seven players set to return next year.

Darby said the secret is developing a strong T-ball program, which he has also been coaching over recent years.

“I used to just coach under-13s but you would get them 10 weeks before the state championships but there are just too many miles to go,” he said.

“The last five years I’ve been coaching T-ball and we’ve made the state championships four years in a row.

“When they get to this age, they know how to throw, they know how to bat, they’ve played under this atmosphere, they’ve made mistakes, they’ve had to drag themselves back up again, they’ve done it all at a younger age.”

It has been a strong rivalry between Macarthur and Georges River with the teams previously playing a T-ball state final two years ago with Georges River the victor on that occasion.

The teams also split early round games with Georges River winning early passage to the final with a 9-8 win in the major semi-final.