Sky-high dream realised for 11-year-old Spring Farm boy

Most kids spend their weekends playing sports or watching TV, but Kurt Pain isn’t like most kids.

The 11-year-old Spring Farm boy has a passion for aviation and has just started flight lessons at Camden Airport.

Kurt has been fascinated by aircraft his whole life and is working hard towards attaining his recreation small pilot’s licence by the time he’s 16.

“I want to fly commercially for Qantas,” he said.

“I love how the planes logistically glide over the skies.”

The Elderslie Public School pupil undertook his first flight lesson with instructor George Demetriou from Altocap on Saturday.

He said he enjoyed the experience in the Cessna plane, but wished the flight was more stable.

“It was good and not really scary,” he said.

“I was quite comfortable during lift-off but I felt quite queasy at the end, very queasy in fact.”

Kurt’s father Daniel said he wasn’t at all nervous watching his son climb into the cockpit.

He said the pre-flight briefing was comprehensive.

“He’s a good kid, so I’ve got no problem with it,” Mr Pain said.

“It’s something that he’s got an interest in and I try to support him.”

Mr Pain said he loved that his son had taken his interest in World War II aircraft and expanded it to a love of learning to fly.

“Instead of doing normal sport there’s other things that kids can do – they can learn languages, they can learn musical instruments, they can travel and experience the world in a different way,” he said.

“Some people think letting my son fly a plane is a bit funny, but I don’t see a problem with it at all.

“At this age they’re smarter than you think.

“With the right guidance, a lot of this stuff is not rocket science.”

Kurt is looking forward to his next lesson – the day before his 12th birthday – and trying out different planes.

He encouraged all kids with an interest in aviation to give flying a go.

“Give it a shot, it won’t be too bad.”


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