Macarthur cinemas gear up for Star Wars midnight screenings

Prepare your lightsabers, don your best Jedi robes and fuel up the Millennium Falcon because Star Wars is coming back to cinema screens next week.

Dumaresq Street Cinemas Campbelltown, United Cinemas Narellan and Event Cinemas Macarthur Square are preparing for midnight screenings of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Thursday, December 14.

But if you want tickets you’d better get in quick.

Dumaresq Street Cinemas Campbelltown has held midnight screenings for all recently released Star Wars films.

Owner Allison Moore said the midnight sessions were filled with excitement.

“Everyone is just busting to see the film at the first chance they get,” she said.

“We have them lining up pretty early in the foyer before the film so they can get the best seats.

“I think having it at midnight really adds to the experience because it’s the big fans who are there, coming together to watch the movie.”

Ms Moore said people often dressed up for the occasion.

She said while there were still some tickets left, they would be snapped up pretty quickly in the next few days.

“We have sold quite a few tickets to the midnight session and there are plenty left but it’s the last few days when it really goes crazy with people trying to buy tickets,” she said.

United Cinemas Narellan manager Saad Soubra said about 70 per cent of midnight session movie-goers came in costume.

“The film just has a massive fanbase, a lot of people grew up watching it,” he said.

“I think 90 percent of people, if not 99 per cent of people love it.”

Mr Soubra said this year’s event was going to be bigger than previous Star Wars screenings.

“We’ve already sold out two of our GMax cinemas and we are now selling a third,” he said.

“You can always tell when a blockbuster is coming because of the vibe – and this movie definitely has that vibe.”

The Advertiser has reached out to Event Cinemas for comment.